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Very few airlines have discovered the secret of premium quality service, and number one among them is Aegean Airlines Cargo (A3 Cargo) . Their global connection and partnerships have gone before them to expand their opportunities to serve customers in more destinations. And this is where you come in. Are you prepared to enjoy astonishing international air freight services that the whole of Europe and Greece have experienced?

2017 Best Regional Airline-Aegean Airlines Cargo (A3 Cargo)

his airline hasn't been named the Best Regional Airline by Skytrax World Airline Awards for nothing. Not once, not twice, but eight times! Can you believe that? Yes, it's true. Their arrival in 1991 has brought Greece closer to Europe and other parts of the world. As a member of Star Alliance, this largest airline in Greece has succeeded in serving millions of passengers moving to and from Greece. Establishing and reinforcing their presence all over the international front has been possible, thanks to their location in airports within and outside Athens.

A minimum of 40 countries comprise the places that they travel to, and they've kept up with their mission to be the first choice of customers within this region. If many customers trust them for convenience, affordability, and quality, what's holding you back?

Aegean Airlines Cargo (A3 Cargo) Attractive Offers and Services

Like many airlines, Aegean Airlines Cargo (A3 Cargo) places the client's needs above anything else, and they continually boost their services with creative strategies that are practical, sustainable and profitable. With a working environment that welcomes customers and employees that know their commitment to duty, your air cargo needs could never go unmet. Many airlines partner with them to keep the flight process convenient and well-managed. When you consider these services, you'll be impressed with how much progress they bring to the global transport system and economy.

Aegean Airlines Cargo (A3 Cargo) Operations

Noteworthy is their network of 145 destinations, both domestic and international. Their commercial operations are carried out by a fleet of 57 airliners which are mainly Airbus series. Your merchandise is transported to its destination and delivery point in the safest way and earliest time. The year 2001 saw the setting up of their cargo department which is responsible for monitoring and handling airport-to-airport deliveries, freight carriers and other freight services.

Customers benefit from their

Their fourteen years' experience is more than enough to assure you that your cargo will reach its base intact. On a daily basis, they attend to 95% of customers' freight requests with an immediate response. Their tracking option is the best guarantee you can have that your products will reach their recipient a little while after your booking and the flight's departure.

Aegean Airlines Cargo (A3 Cargo) News Around the Globe

For an airline that values culture and tourism, Aegean Airlines Cargo (A3 Cargo) recently partnered with Giannis Antetokounmpo, a world-known basketball player. The aim is to celebrate Greece all over the world. The campaign commences in October 2017, and they invite you to be part of it. On another scene, the airline lengthened its partnership with Celestyal Cruises to allow customers redeem their award miles with free packages. Get more information on their website where they tell you all about their latest discounts.

Your partnership with GoodHope Freight will be incomplete without your choice of Aegean Airlines Cargo (A3 Cargo) to transport your air cargo from China to countries within and outside the borders of Europe.

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