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AeroUnion Cargo

Isn't it common for clients to focus on airlines who had commenced air freight services at least thirty years ago? Are you aware that there are twenty-first-century airline companies that are rising to the top of the air forwarding industry? AeroUnion Cargo, one of the world airlines, operates within Mexico, North America, taking your goods from your location in China to other regions of the world. GoodHope Freight brings you information about this innovative and dedicated airline company.

The Air France Cargo Destinations

The Cargo Company flies off to 466 destinations in 158 countries. This well established Cargo company flies off to United States, Mexico, Canada, Madagascar, Italy, Brazil, Chile, Indonesia, Australia, Japan, China, Magnolia and many others. The time, destination and other related information about the flights can be found online on the website.

All Around Mexico and the U.S.

AeroUnion cargo is an international Mexico-based carrier founded in 1999, and responsible for air cargo operations within the borders of Mexico and extended to other countries in the U.S. Within years 2000 and 2001, they received the permit to transport cargo from Mexico to the U.S. and back. Their fleet consists of seven aircrafts made up of three Airbus A300B4F, two Airbus A300-600 and two Boeing 767-200. More so, they all perform excellently and efficiently.

Sometimes called Aerotransporte de Carga Union, this airline has its main offices within the premises of Mexico City's International Airport, which is widely known as one of the activity-filled airports in the world. Chicago, Guadalajara, Los Angeles, Australia, Europe, Asia, and Canada all enjoy their cargo delivery operations. AeroUnion pride themselves as an international cargo airline with traffic rights from the airport location. If you're thinking about their offers to clients and potential customers, they are as follows:

With these offers for your goods transportation to countries within the U.S. and around Mexican areas, this airline introduces newer technological strategies that can make your bookings and shipments unforgettable. To attract more customers and reach wider regions, they consistently improve their look, since an impressive outlook always works the great magic of echoing high-quality performance and speed.

AeroUnion Cargo Dual Routes

Before their expansion plan appears sufficiently, they work diligently at maintaining their two different routes. These are

The earlier route is taken twice a day on every day of the week while the second is taken only twice a week. Their offices in Mexico City International Airport and Guadalajara International Airport commenced operations in 2006.

AeroUnion Cargo Services

One of the aircraft, A300B4F is capable of carrying cargo worth 44 tons. The space and ease available in this airline make handling cargo easy for both clients and the forwarding company. With their pallets and contours well arranged, they support large cargo in lower compartments which contain enormous space. They have offices in Mexico City, Los Angeles, Guadalajara, Chicago, Monterrey, and Asia. In Asia, you can locate them in China, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Beijing, and Seoul for more information and reservations.

For the past ten years, they have handled cargo packaging and documentation using their high-technology equipment, ground handling services, warehouse facilities and administrative sections. All clients with a user ID and password can track their cargo as it moves from the departure point to the intended destination. Every cargo is treated with caution and security, following IATA measures. Your cargoes also enjoy convenience as a result of the A300 aircraft's ability to contain your goods economically.

AeroUnion's Presence in Miami

At the end of the previous year, so much excitement went up when AeroUnion extended their cargo operations to Miami. This aircraft joined three other airlines to operate on the grounds of Miami. With a flight of two weekly round-trips and their increased Airbus aircrafts, they can better serve a larger populace and richer group of clients.

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