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Air Algerie Cargo

Some airlines do more than transport your goods; they care for you. Air Cargo, of course, involves dealing with commodities and products, but with this particular airline, the client is given even as much attention, care, and customized service. If you found a company that offered you personalized service, would you turn your back? We doubt it! And that's what Air Algerie Cargo (AH Cargo) brings you – service that values you and focuses on your satisfaction and business fulfillment. Aren't you anxious to learn more about them? Here we go.

Air Algerie Cargo (AH Cargo) From North Africa to Europe and Other Countries

Air Algerie Cargo (AH Cargo) SpA shines the light on Algeria as it's the country's national airline. It provides full international and domestic service to countries within Africa, Europe, Asia, North America and the Middle East. The company was previously called Compagnie Generale de Transport, set up in 1947 and located in Algiers, Algeria. Apart from passenger services, it also meets cargo delivery needs with its well-designed fleet of 59 different aircraft series. Their main hub is the Algiers Houari Boumediene Airport, Algeria and they travel to several airports all over the United States, Saudi Arabia, China, Canada, and within Africa.

As an air carrier that looks beyond just transporting cargo, Air Algerie Cargo (AH Cargo) serves their clients with optimum commercial performance. They never stop boosting their airline practices to ensure that they meet up with international standards and customers' expectations. This company understands the value of getting better than they were in past times, and that's why the air industry benefits from their services.

Air Algerie Cargo (AH Cargo) Services and their Hub

Houari Boumediene Airport, Algeria's largest airport, has since 2006 been entrusted with connecting Algeria to other countries all over the world. The well-equipped facilities at the airport which Air Algerie Cargo (AH Cargo) enjoys are

Their fleet comprises aircraft with a minimum of 11 years in use. Cargo activities are made easier, safer and more convenient with safety measures in place. The cargo aircraft operated are below:

General Cargo – Parcels, cargo, and packages are documented appropriately by staff that are qualified in this aspect. Important details about the destination of the goods are requested to avoid omissions or delays.

Your Pets – Domestic animals are transported based on the regulations in the departure or destination country. If you intend to transport pets such as dogs, cats or birds, make this known during your booking procedure.

Dangerous Goods – Items that may be hazardous to passengers such as flammable products, radioactive materials, fire weapons, explosives, toxic products, corrosive products among others are secured in safe areas in the cargo aircraft.

All of your cargoes are in safe hands; so, contact any of their offices to get the required information to export your goods. They also partner with some other airlines to deliver you awesome service. These partners include:

  1. 1.Turkish Airlines
  2. 2.Aigle Azur
  3. 3.Tunisair
  4. 4.Royal Air Maroc.

Expanding the Africa Air Freight Market

With central points and call centers in Algeria and France, Air Algerie Cargo (AH Cargo) Cargo has become a standalone unit of the airline. They continue to reach for newer international routes. The Lockheed Hercules aircraft and 737-700C aircraft can serve the purpose of freight services. You can reach the call center in Algeria by dialing +213 21 98 63 63 and the one in France on +33 1 76 54 40 00. Their website https://airalgerie/en/ is also rich with information to guide you towards a selection that guarantees you ultimate satisfaction and improved business opportunities.

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