air freight cost calculator

The method of air freight cost calculator

The method of air freight cost calculator, Billing weight: According to the regulations of the aviation industry division, the actual weight is calculated when the cargo is small, and the weight is substantial, and the volume is calculated according to the size when the cargo is large, and the weight is small. In the time of shipment, from several different goods, there is also a heavy light cargo. The total gross weight or total volumetric weight of the whole batch of goods is used for the calculation of the billing weight according to the higher one of the two.

Calculation method of billing weight for air cargo

Some customers often find that freight forwarders or airlines charge more than their original weight. In the air service, there are two weights types: CHARGEABLE WEIGHT and the GROSS WEIGHT. Air freight cost calculator calculate the cost according to the cargo density for each cargo. Charge weight is equal to the actual weight and is also known as the gross amount of goods. For light goods, charging weight of the goods under the one cubic meters is equal to 167 kg. Billing weight formula for light bubble goods:

Billing weight (kg) = long (CM) * width (CM) * high (CM) /6000

Billing weight (kilogram) = volume of goods (CBM) X167 kilograms

Besides, when measuring the outer packing of the goods, the airline often has one or two centimeters larger than the actual size of the box. If the box has a prominent part, it should be calculated according to the length of the protruding part. The air freight cost calculator billing weight of the goods can often be confirmed in the cargo tracking service provided by the airline's website.

The common point of air freight cost calculator

Other provisions relating to air freight rates, various air freight rates, and costs have the following air freight cost calculator:

  • The price means from one airport to another. And it is only applicable to a single direction.
  • Other extra costs are not included. Such as customs clearance, delivery, transfer, and storage fees.
  • The air freight rate is usually published in local currency.
  • The air freight rate is usually calculated in kilos or pounds.
  • The price of the air freight cost calculator is the price applicable to the date of issuing the waybill.
  • The minimum air freight fee is the minimum freight that an airline can accept for a batch of goods, regardless of the weight or volume of the goods, and the minimum amount of cargo to be transported between two points. There are different minimum freight rates in different areas. The minimum number of kilograms is 45 kilograms. It is not enough for 45 kilograms to charge the freight for the minimum consumption of 45 kilograms.

Specific international air freight price calculation case

  • What types of goods are identified first, such as dangerous goods, fresh and ordinary goods?
  • What kind of price level do your goods belong to?
  • Making sure your goods or cargo clearance. 1 Party =167kgs
  • Through the calculation of the billing weight of the goods of their own.
  • According to the price level given by air or freight forwarders multiplied by the air freight cost calculator weight, you can get the air cost of the goods.
  • Air freight and other incidental expenses plus insurance costs are the total freight of the goods.

The length multiplies by the width of the high divided by 6000, which is the air freight cost calculator of the volumetric weight.

volumetric weight and volumetric weight comparison

The weight of a large volume is volume minus the actual weight divided by 2 and then added weight. For example, the length of 80 widths and 75 is 90, which is calculated according to CM. So, the volumetric weight is 90KG, you weigh the weight of 60KG, weight is 90 minus 60 equals the billing 30. 30 divided by two is equal to 15.15KG plus 60KG is equal to 75KG. The billing weight is 75KG. Another example is that the goods are weighing a weight of 110KG. The air freight cost calculator weight is 110KG.