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CA Airline Cargo

Airline code CA full name is “Air China Cargo”. The company was founded in 2001 year. This is the first airline company that focus on international air cargo services from China. The headquarters in Beijing city China, Beijing Capital International Airport is Air China Cargo (CA airline)the main airport which fly from China to all over the world ports. The most international air cargo which use CA airline services are from this airport. Actually in main China cites such as Shanghai, Qingdao, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu have their office, responsible for air shipments booking, collect air cargo, confirm air scheduled flight in local and Beijing. Local factories, trading companies, freight forwarder can be operated conveniently, save domestic transportation cost and shipping time. They do not need to delivery the cargo to Beijing Capital International Airport then use Air China Cargo (CA airline)services.

Which are the advantage routes of the Air China Cargo (CA airline):

Beijing North America and Europe, basically these daily flights are available daily.

For example, the North American flights from Beijing are:SFO (San Francisco) / SHNL (Honolulu) / YVR (Vancouver) / IAH (Houston) / EWR (Newark) / YUL (Montreal) / IAD (Washington)/ JFK (New York); points from Beijing International Airport directly to Europe: Frankfurt / Zeldorf / Madrid Barcelona / Vienna / Amrand / Milan / Rome / London / Munich / Stockholm / Warsaw / Moscow. Their direct flights are not only from the Beijing International Airport flights. Shenzhen International Airport / Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport / Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport have direct flights but these airports take off less flights, only Beijing airport take off more.

How to booking flight by Air China Cargo (CA airline)

There are two channels of booking, the first is booking directly from CA. CA provides international airline line booking, large-cargo or long-term air freight services companies, instance: Foxconn, they can choose to enter a reservation agreement with Air China Cargo(CA airline , Booking, collected information, customs, arrangements for owners and so on.)

The second channel is to find the local CA line agents (GoodHope Freight (China) Limited is one of the good CA agent in local), you can get international air transportation, or most of the CA International Airways. The source can be understood easily.It is the most effective and the best choice between the company's export booking and international air transportation company CA Air.

CA airlines cargo tracking:

When your cargo is flying through other countries by CA International, you can track your cargo information in three ways:

Air China Cargo (CA airline) Contacts

CA air cargo Tracking services