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Singapore airlines cargo abbreviated as “SQ”. it is Singapore airline company, have air cargo services all over the world.

The Singaporean Airline Cargo (SQ Cargo) is based in Singapore and is also known as SIA Cargo. It has its head office located at the Singapore Changi Airport on the fifth floor of SATS Airfreight Terminal 5. It established fully and completely in 2001 when the Singaporean Airlines first introduced the Cargo service. With the passage of time the development took place due to which the cargo service not only got advanced but was also considered to be one of the best known Cargo service. It has the perk of being acknowledged by the prestigious awards such as ‘Best Global Air Cargo Carrier’ and ‘Best Air Cargo Carrier-Asia’ in year 2002. However, the success did not stop here and it was then regarded as ‘Best Airfreight Carrier’.

Singapore Airline Cargo Destinations

This Airline Cargo has the privilege of serving 19 different destinations and it offers a large number of flights a week, that is, more than 900. Over the 6 continents it is responsible for linking 70 cities over 30 countries. It has a wide body and is professionally designed to carry a heavy load of passenger Cargo. It has destinations in America, Africa, Oceania and Europe. Amsterdam and Sharjah are the main hubs for Middle Eastern Regions.

Singapore Airlines Cargo (SQ cargo )Contact Numbers

The Singapore Airline Cargo is a multinational business and has its hubs in different countries which have their own contact numbers so that you can know about your shipment easily. The contact numbers are according to the different country codes in different areas. The contact number of the main office is +65 6541 3843 whereas in other countries and cities it is mentioned below, just to name a few.

Singapore Airline Cargo (SQ cargo)Fleet

This Airline Cargo has the facility to transport your Cargo wherever you want to send it and at any possible time. The Cargo fleet has a large capacity to accommodate the luggage and cargo of the passengers such as B747-400F has the capacity of 39 pallets and 2 containers whereas B777-300 has 8 pellets and 9 containers. Others include A380-800 having 1 container and 4 pallets, B777-200 consisting of 4 pallets and 9 containers, A330-300 with capacity depending upon 7 containers and 5 pallets and A350-900 consisting of 13 containers and 4 pallets. The fleets of the Singapore Airline Cargo have an average capacity of 9- 23 Cargo per plane and it also greatly depends on the type of Aircraft being used.

Singapore Airline Cargo (SQ Cargo)Careers

It is a well established Cargo Airline service that provides great career opportunities for the individuals. You can apply as an internee at the company without any work experience and get training under professional trainers. During training the individuals get a special salary and when the job is secured you can get special allowances through company. Having skills and good Bachelors degree you can have a good career opportunity at our company.

Singapore Airline Cargo Logo

The Decal type of the logo of the Airline Cargo is free of cost and is updated regularly by company.

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Singapore Airline Cargo tracking:

When you use SQ cargo shipping your shipments from China to USA, some shipments are not directly vessel, you want to check how about your  status, SQ cargo tracking here are the website:

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