Consolidated air freight



When transporting goods and packages over long destinations, it is not always possible to fill up a plane from one order. In fact, often times, the orders may be so little that renting out a whole cargo may prove to be less cost effective. It is for this reason that you must consider the use of consolidated air freight services. Consolidated air freight services provide you with an avenue to transport your cargo via air by combining several different packages from multiple consignees and delivering them to the desired destinations.

Before you transport air cargo from any part of china to your desired destination, it is important to take into account, the cost, safety and speed of delivery. Goodhope freight provides the best consolidated air freight services at your convenience. Located in several cities in china, our network of coordinated and sophisticated service providers avails you the opportunity to ensure that you are provided with the best rate and a guarantee of the safe arrival of your cargo. Our connections and experience enables us to successfully coordinate the flawless transportation of goods regardless of destinations and ensure that they arrive in the best condition.

When transporting cargo from various shippers, our global service forwards this shipment under the same master way air bill with each shipment from every shipper travelling under individual airway bills. This efficiency is what our services offer you. When faced with a challenge of having to fly your load via air freight in china, consolidated shipping becomes your best bet as not only does it guarantee proper organisation during transport, it ensures that the cargo arrives at the set destination as close personal attention is paid to every shipment.

Another important factor to consider would be the issue of cost. There is no doubt that chartering a whole cargo plane would be far more expensive when you do not have enough load to fill the cargo space; it then becomes far more cost effective to assign your own cargo to a shipment that includes multiply signers but in a well-coordinated and organised pattern. You may also want to consider the issue of speed. Of course, consolidated shipping may be more expensive than transporting via a cargo ship. However, when faced with a requirement for a quick turnaround in delivery time, you can be rest assured that freight air consolidated shipping is your best bet.

Our headquarters at Shenzhen city ensures that you are provided with the best consolidated air freight services in china. It is even far more convenient for you as our off-shoot branches in the urban communities provide you with quick access to our transportation services anywhere you are in the country. In a bid to further improve satisfaction and dominate the world of logistics, we have expanded our base of operations through our large network of contracts, business air crafts and resources that are available to us.

Regardless of the nature of your cargo and the time required for transport, our consolidated freight transport in china ensures that your cargo transportation is on time and within your budget.