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International Shipping Consolidation

Anyone who runs a business knows that it is not an easy task. To make the process a little easier, China Freight with their exemplary international shipping consolidation service is here to shoulder the burden of all your freight and cargo delivery requirements. Businesses today are no longer bound by geographical constraints. Trading and engaging in business with companies and individuals across the globe is now possible. But all this requires a quality international shipping consolidation service. China Freight is the logistic service you can trust.

What sets them apart from other logistic services is their unparalleled customer service and the extra features they provide in their quest to ensure maximum customer satisfaction and loyalty. By opting for China Freight’s international shipping consolidation service, customers can have multiple items consolidated into one package and delivered as one shipment. By doing this, customers no longer need to worry about ordering multiple shipments, tracking each package individually, and paying customs fees and duty taxes for each separately.

How it Works

China has become a hub of the international trading market. Chinese suppliers export numerous items worldwide on a daily basis. But once you have completed the purchase, either in person or online, the next hurdle is getting your cargo delivered to you. China Freight makes this process as simple as possible. Just get a price quote using the calculator on their website and provide them with the supplier’s address. After this, just sit back while China’s freight agents arrange the pickup of your goods and deliver them to your door step.

Weight is Just a Number

China places no maximum or minimum limit on the weight they can deliver. You can arrange to have packages as light as 0.1 kg or as bulky as complete containers delivered to you. Moreover, with their international shipping consolidation service, you can make purchases from several different suppliers and have them all delivered to you as one package. This way you not only cut down on the cost of shipping but also have the convenience of receiving all your items at the same time.

Competitive Priceing

China Freight’s international shipping consolidation comes with a highly competitive price tag. Their outstanding services can be acquired without blowing your budget. Consolidated shipping significantly cuts down on the cost of shipping. This is because when it comes to Priceing, packages are priced not only according to the weight but also have a base price for the first half kilogram. By opting for consolidated shipping, customers only have to pay the base price for one item instead of all. So, depending on the number of items you want to be delivered, international shipping consolidation can help you make a handsome saving.

Tracking Service

To make sure you are always aware of your cargo’s whereabouts, China Freight gives you the convenience to track your packages while they are on their way to you.