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Best Package Consolidation Service

Quality logistics services form the backbone of any business. Goodhope Freight is the solution every aspiring business needs. Their superior services including best package consolidation service, excellent customer support, fast delivery and competitive Priceing set them apart from other freight forwarding companies.

What is Consolidation Service?

Getting multiple items and packages delivered can be quite expensive, especially if the delivery is to be made from China to somewhere else in the world. For a much more budget friendly option, Goodhope Freight provides the best package consolidation service. By opting for this service, you can get multiple packages delivered as one shipment. This way you cut down on the price and also manage to avoid having to worry about tracking each package separately.

Benefits of Package Consolidation Service

By opting for Goodhope Freight’s best package consolidation service you get the advantage of minimizing the shipping cost of your packages. This is because instead of having to pay the customs fees for each package individually, you just need to pay the fees for one bigger package.

Additionally, by opting for the consolidation service, you are freed from the obligation of having to place multiple orders for cargo shipment and then tracking each one separately. This way you can order cargo shipment just once and then relax while Goodhope Freight’s competitive freight agents take care of the rest.

Weight Limitations

Goodhope Freight is the logistic service you need to contact whenever you want something shipped from China, regardless of the weight of the item. You can get anything delivered straight to your doorstep. The minimum weight that can be delivered is 0.1 kg while the maximum is a full sized, 40 flat rack container that can hold cargo of up to 45000 kg.

Warehouse Facility

To get the most out of their best package consolidation service, you can consider opting for their warehouse facility with it. If you have multiple packages that you want to be shipped, then you can also opt for their warehouse facility. This way while you are waiting for all the suppliers to complete your order, the items that are ready will be stored in a safe place.

Alternatively, if you don’t want your items delivered immediately, you can utilize their warehouse facility even then. This is an economical option because warehousing costs in China are considerably lower than anywhere else in the world. They have warehouses in most of the major ports on the Chinese coast. All of the warehouses are fitted with the required features to ensure your packages remain in perfect condition. Their freight handlers take care of all breakable items and volatile items are stored in special warehouses that have proper ventilation and other measures to prevent fires and other accidents.

Why Choose Goodhope Freight?

Goodhope Freight has been in business for a long time. Due to their vast experience, they know what the customer wants and deliver exactly that. They make sure your packages are delivered in perfect condition and reach their destination on time. Their services, especially, their best package consolidation service, make the process of getting packages delivered from China as hassle-free and inexpensive as possible.