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Goodhope Freight is an International Freight Forwarders company that holds variety of freight forwarding services from China to the rest of the world. The business of this company is between one country to another country usually by the means of one sea port/airport to another sea port/airport. Goodhope is widely known as one of the most famous freight companies in China that reliably handles your shipment from China, providing better sea freight, air freight, express freight, booking spaces, pick up, and warehouse customs clearance to your company. We highly care about your shipments and believe in shipping the items with great care. We sincerely assist your business in making it more and more successful.

Our International Freight Forwarders Major Services

The major International Freight Forwarders services of the company from China to the rest of the world include: China freight agent, China Sea Freight, China Ocean Freight, China Air freight, warehouse services in Shenzhen China, Shipping to Amazon FBA, Buy from China, China Freight Agent, Trail Transport, Road Freight in inland, brokerage agent, China DHL Freight, China FedEx price, China UPS Freight, China EMS Freight, Brokerage agent, cargo insurance agent, and many more. If you want to ship your items to the USA, Nigeria, Africa or the UK, just contact us as we deal with global clients and we shall do this job for you in the best way possible.

Our local company in Shenzhen China is growing at a very fast pace and we are constantly working to expand our client base to the rest of the countries like America, Canada, Italy, UK, Russia, etc. Our professional freight forwarding teams consistently deploy advanced operation models and innovative global logistical solutions for your ease. Our professional team provides competitive solutions to varying from small packages to full shipping container or large machines used in the oil, road-building and aerospace industries.

Extensive Freight Forwarding Experience

We always put our best efforts to serve every customer around in China and the region with our genuine and reliable services. Our company holds an extensive amount of experience and expertise in this field which makes us stand out among all of our competitors and make us the China’s fastest freight forwarding service. We always remain dedicated to our extremely efficient services and also remain honest in offering a thoroughly professional approach while trading any kind of item. Our trustworthy services and broad experience in this field make it possible for us to guarantee the reliability of our services

We understand that you are on a budget and your time is highly expensive. So, we try to provide you with the cost effective and time-saving solutions. When it comes to handling sensitive information, we care for your privacy, integrity, accuracy, and confidentiality. If you are a client of Goodhope Freight, we can aid you in finding realistic solutions to business necessities and can help you in using your time accurately which in return upsurge the chances of success.

Personalized Customer Service

Our company is considered as a regional leader in the International Freight Forwarders industry because of the durability of its services. When many companies talk about quality, we demonstrate it through our services which refer to handling work client-by-client and sample-by-sample.

We provide our customers a secure and personalized freight forwarding experience by carefully understanding their needs. We entertain their requirements with our accurate information, honest opinions, valuable resources, highly skilled team and most of all with our outclass client and customer services. Our company is efficiently leading the track of sustained growth, profitability, stability, professional management, and responsible use of resources.

Our customer’s satisfaction is our priority because we put our best efforts to maintain a relationship of trust with them. Our work is our passion, our calling, and our business. Your satisfaction is our reward. We always try to provide our users with the best and convenient services so that it would be easier for them to decide what kind of service they want and which deal suits them the best. We always serve the needs of our customers in the best way possible by keeping in view and assisting the whole process of import so that all the services and deals would occur in a transparent environment.

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