Main Shipping Companies China Introduce

shipping companies china

Main Shipping Companies China Introduction: China Ocean Shipping Company- China Shipping Corporation Limited COSCO-CSCL. This is the biggest shipping company in China. Belonging Chinese government manage. The company was founded by COSCO and China Shipping Company in 2015.Shipping company and China Shipping company. It has 1114 boats, 46 seaports,have 46 seaport all over the world,Shipping over 90,000,000 TEU containers.

Main Shipping Companies China Introduce--Orient Overseas Container Line (OOCL) Shipping company China, headquartered in Hongkong.The founder is the first chief executive of the Hongkong Special Administrative Region Dong Jianhua’ s father. OOCL is the biggest shipping company in Hong Kong, China. 

Main Shipping Companies China Introduction-Evergreen Marine Corp (EMC). It was founded in September 1, 1968. At the beginning of the founding, it is only a small company. After many years of hard working, EMC has 150 boats now and becomes one of the biggest company in China.

Shipping Companies China Wan Hai Lines , from Taiwan also, they provide services from China to Japan and South East Asia route.

Main Chinese Shipping Companies Introduction-Yang Ming Marine Transport Corporation.  YML is headquartered in Taiwan, China. YML is the biggest shipping company inTaiwan. It has offices in every seaport in China.

Shenzhen/Guangzhou/Tianjing/Shanghai/Ningbo/Zhuhai/Zhongshan/Chongqing/Wuhan/Qingdao/Nanjing/Dalian/ Foshan/Beihai....

Main Shipping Companies China Introduce  T.S. Lines Co., LTD, come from Taiwan. The main business between China and Taiwan, Hongkong, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Burma RCL (Regional Container L.)

Main Chinese Shipping Companies Introduction--Mediterranean Shipping Company S.A. MSC is headquartered in Denmark and has office in China. China is one of their main shipping marketing. It provides good vessel services from all Chinese sea ports to Europe, Mediterranean Sea. MSC sea freight is lower than other shipping lines in most of time, but doesn’t have good services. For example, after you booking spaces, they cannot give you spaces for this vessel. You need waiting for next vessel. Some containers are damaged, poor, or mess. MSC shipping company China doesn’t have  fine fame in the shipping marketing.

Main Chinese Shipping Companies Introduction-- Sinotrans Container Lines Co., Ltd (Sinolines). It was established in Shanghai China on 28/05/1998. It is the large state-owned enterprise and provides leading integrated logistics shipping services.

Main Chinese Shipping Companies Introduction-- Goodhope Freight China Ltd (G-FCL). It was founded in Shenzhen, China. G-FCL grows up fast and is a trusted logistics partner in China.

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