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Spring Festival 2018 Chinese New Year Holiday On International Logistics

How many days of the Chinese new year 2018 is the holiday? When is the end Spring Festival 2018? In the Chinese new year 2018, timetable, the holiday season would start with the Spring Festival 2018. And during this period, all the international shipping, air, and express delivery are going to be stopped at the Spring Festival?

It is a new beginning in China as the Chinese new year 2018,starts with the Spring Festival from February 15, 2018, to February 21st, totaling seven days of holiday. The Spring Festival is the most massive traditional festival in China. The whole country is on holiday. The Spring Festival is a reunion day, we are all busy during this period, no matter what work we do. Everyone wants to go home to have a family reunion. Money has to go home for the new year. The Spring Festival is also a time to summing up a year's harvest. The state will conclude a meeting, summarizing the past one year's work, and the people at home will decorate their new work and wishes of 2018.

The Spring Festival is an excellent time to visit every year. We visit friends and meet their family, we talk about home, about life, work, and study those changes to enhance the feelings between each other, and increase the hometown consciousness. Since the Spring Festival 2018 is the biggest and most important holiday in China, everyone hopes to get back home early. Although the holiday begins on February 15th, many work class people would be allowed to go home earlier.

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The Impact of the Spring Festival 2018 Holiday on International Shipping

For the Spring Festival 2018 holiday, the shipping company and the international freight forwarder would observe the Chinese New Year 2018 holiday under the Chinese national legal holiday. So, shipping companies can work on February 14th as long as it is booking, filling, etc. and can be finished up that same day. The regular routes and flights of the shipping company will be arranged according to the specific delivery conditions. Some lines will be stopped for one week, and some routes will be open as usual. The shipping company will announce the specific shipping date for the Spring Festival 2018 one week in advance.

But since the workers in the factory often go home about ten days earlier, many container trailer drivers are also not willing to work ahead of time, until the end of the holiday. So, if you want to get shipping faster, go for international shipping FCL. Your packing arrangement is best made 15 days ahead of the end of January 2018 to complete all the arrangements. If it is possible, the 2018 international shipping arrangements should be made before the spring festival to avoid some problems like:

  • Having few persons not catching up with the factory shipments;
  • cannot find a trailer to the factory container or trailer costs much higher than usual;
  • storage cabinet and shipment catch to produce additional rent.

Note for shipping LCL; if you are making use of international LCL, you do not have to worry, just select the designated LCL warehouse before the Spring Festival 2018. Of course, it is possible that the delivery driver is difficult to find or the price is high. It is suggested that it is better to arrange in advance. The sea freight of the coming Spring Festival 2018 is likely to be much higher than the usual time, with less shipping space..

The Impact of the Spring Festival 2018 Holiday on International Air Freight

During the Spring Festival, Beijing airport, Shanghai airport, Guangzhou airport, and Shenzhen Airport International Airport will be halted. The booking of flight before the Spring Festival 2018 is allowed as long as it is done before the Chinese new year 2018, it would be delivered according to the time of delivery and warehousing, with full customs cargo arrange off the original plan. The air freight will be gone up some also.

The cost of international air transportation before the Spring Festival 2018 will be much higher than that of the average level. Some of the international shipping products will not be delivered due to various reasons, and clients will turn to international air transportation, which is also one of the reasons for the increase in air freight fees.

The influence of the Spring Festival 2018 holiday on international express

The four major International express companies are mainly DHL express, FedEx express, UPS express, and TNT international express. Their employees in the Chinese branch will also go on leave during the holiday under the legal holiday time in China. The international express in Hongkong can be transferred. That is, all the international logistics channels, FedEx, UPS express, TNT international express, only Hongkong DHL international express would not be affected by the Spring Festival 2018 holiday. The goods are delivered to the Shenzhen warehouse through the Hongkong international express channel to be sent to the customer in the middle of the year.