Sea Freight Calculator

Sea Freight Calculator from Ports of China

Whenever you want to move bulk goods from a foreign country to China, one of the best options you have is ocean freight shipping. Sometimes, it may be the only option you have as it promises to have some advantages over other forms of transportation for Sea Freight Calculator from China.

If you want to import from China you have to options to choose from:

FCL: FCL (Full Container Load) is the shipping option you can use if the volume of your goods is enough to fill a whole container without combining it with goods from other merchants.

If this is your option, you will be charged a flat rate per container. No matter the type of goods being shipped, th

e same shipping fee applies to them if you subscribe to the FCL option. Once you pay clear your bill, the container will be sealed and be ready for transportation to whatever destination you want.

LCL: If the volume of your goods is not enough to fill a container, you may opt for the LCL (Less than Container Load) option. This shipment option, otherwise known as Groupage offers importers the opportunity to ship a small amount of cargo that is far low beyond the capacity of a sea freighter. It makes up for the capacity by combining cargoes from other importers that are heading towards the same destination with yours.

This implies that your cargo won’t be sealed until other cargoes have been combined to make a full container load.

The LCL option is a bit more expensive than the FCL option. This is as a result of the different destination fees that need to be paid. For the LCL freighting options, LCL sea Freight Calculator will include below charges:

  • PSC or Port Service Charge fee.
  • D/O or Deliver order fee
  • IPF or Import Processing Fee.
  • SCA or Service Charge due Agent fee.
  • TSF or Terminal Security Fee.
  • THC or Terminal Handling Charge.

The inclusion of these fees to the regular fee in your sea freight calculator is responsible for the large difference between the charged fee for the LCL shipment and the FCL shipment options. The difference is huge as you may be charged about 2 or 3 times the regular charge for an FCL shipment.

Sea Freight Calculator of Fuel surcharge

This is another cost you have to include in your sea freight calculator in addition to the shipping cost. Due to the incessant fluctuations in fuel cost around the world, almost all the transportation carriers around the globe came up with a solution to the problem. The solution is the fuel surcharge that importers have to pay for their goods.

The fuel surcharge changes according to the prevalent fuel price at the time of the transportation. Therefore, the price is not fixed but may increase or decrease as dictated by the current price of fuel.

At Goodhopee Freight, we offer you one of the most affordable fuel surcharge offers by any container shipping companies in China.

Sea Freight Calculator of Port Charge

Port charge is another fee that should be considered. These are surcharges and taxes that a ship and its cargo must pay once the ship has reached the port. Obviously, the fee will be forwarded to the importer by the freight company.

These are the factors that determine your shipping charge as all fees must be duly paid before shipment can be done, know more about sea freight calculator you can more clearer your international business.