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China ocean shipping company (COSCO) services between China and U.S.A

COSCO Shipping China Office Contact Information

COSCO Shipping has offices in the following major Chinese cities

Hong Kong

COSCO Shipping Headquarters
Address: 1000 Pudong Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, China
Phone: +86-21-35124888
Email: Local Office Contact Information

Dalian COSCO Shipping Container Transportation Co., Ltd.

South China COSCO Shipping Container Transportation Co., Ltd.
Phone: +86-755-88286666

Tianjin COSCO Container Shipping Agency Co., Ltd.
Phone: +86-22-24205423

Qingdao COSCO International Freight Co., Ltd. Weifang Branch
Phone: +86-536-2109962

Wuhan COSCO International Freight Co., Ltd. Xiangyang Branch
Phone: +86-710-3259156

COSCO Shipping USA Office Contact

COSCO Shipping Containers America, Inc.

Address: 100 Lighting Way, 3rd Floor, Secaucus, New Jersey, United States
Phone: +1-201-422-0500

track cosco container

COSCO Tracking Website:

How to Track Your COSCO Container

Enter Container Number: Input the complete container number in the provided search bar.

Select Tracking Type: If available, choose whether to track the vessel schedule or cargo status.

Submit Query: Click the"Track" button, and the system will display the container's latest shipping status and historical tracking information.

Tracking ETD date:

Generally, you can start tracking your container once it has been received and recorded into the carrier's system.

This means you can usually access tracking information from before and after the cargo is loaded onto the vessel.

Tracking Time Range:

The duration of historical container information available for tracking depends on COSCO Shipping's data retention policy.

In most cases, the system will retain data for several months to a year, but the specific timeframe may vary depending on COSCO Shipping's actual practices.

Reasons Why Your Container Cannot Be Tracked

Input Error: Check if the container number was entered correctly.

System Update: Sometimes the system is under maintenance or undergoing upgrades, which may temporarily prevent tracking.

Data Delay: There may be a delay in information being entered or updated.

Privacy Restrictions: If you are not the shipper, consignee, or authorized third party, you may not be able to access certain information.

Not Entered into System: If the container was just shipped, it may not have been entered into the carrier's system yet.

Wrong message when track COSCO container

Container Number Confusion: Confirm that the container number you are tracking belongs to your cargo.

Information Error: This could be due to a system error or data entry mistake.

Cargo Already Delivered: If the cargo has already been picked up by the destination agent or consignee, the information may no longer be available.

Tracking Problems

The most direct way to resolve tracking issues is to contact COSCO Shipping customer service. They can provide specific assistance and answers.

cosco shipping container from China to the usa

Types of COSCO Shipping Containers

COSCO Shipping offers a variety of container types to suit different cargo needs. Some common types include:

Dry Van Containers: Suitable for transporting most general trade goods, standard dry vans are made of steel or aluminum and are watertight to prevent damage to the cargo inside.

Reefer Containers: These containers are designed for temperature-controlled cargo, widely used for fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as temperature-sensitive food items like meat, seafood, pharmaceuticals, and beverages.

Open Top Containers: Open top containers have no roof and can be loaded

COSCO Shipping sea freight from China to USA

COSCO Shipping sea freight from China to USA
cosco sailing schedule 20GP/USD 40GP/USD 40HC/USD
Shenzhen - Los Angeles 1700 1900 1900

COSCO Shipping sea freight from Shenzhen, China to Los Angeles, USA

Cost details Shenzhen-Los Angeles route:
The sea freight of a 20GP container is $1,700.
The sea freight of a 40GP container is $1,900.
The sea freight of a 40HC container is also $1,900.

From the sea freight details, it can be seen that the sea freight of a 40-foot container (regular or high cube) is the same, which is $900 higher than a 20-foot container.

This may be because a 40-foot container can hold more cargo, so there is an increase in transportation sea freight.

However, in terms of unit cargo transportation sea freight, larger containers may be more cost-effective because they have a lower unit price

COSCO line vessel schedule from China to USA

COSCO line vessel schedule from China to USA
Departure Port Destination Port Departure Time Arrival Time Voyage Ship Name/Route/Voyage
Shanghai Los Angeles 2024-5-8 2024-5-22 14 COSCO OCEANIA CEN / 099E
Qingdao Los Angeles 2024-5-11 2024-05-29 16 COSCO KAOHSIUNG CEN / 102E

The schedule details vessel information, departure times, arrival times, sailing days, and vessel names and route numbers from two major Chinese ports - Shanghai and Qingdao - to Los Angeles, USA. Shanghai to Los Angeles

Departure port: Shanghai
Destination port: Los Angeles
Departure time: May 8, 2024
Arrival time: May 22, 2024
Voyage: 14 days
Vessel name/route/voyage number: COSCO OCEANIA / CEN / 099E

Qingdao to Los Angeles
Departure port: Qingdao
Destination port: Los Angeles
Departure time: May 11, 2024
Arrival time: May 29, 2024
Voyage: 16 days
Vessel name/route/voyage number: COSCO KAOHSIUNG / CEN / 102E

COSCO voyage

COSCO OCEANIA (vessel name): This route is operated by COSCO OCEANIA, providing services from Shanghai to Los Angeles. The voyage is 14 days, indicating that this is a relatively fast route, suitable for customers who need fast delivery.

COSCO KAOHSIUNG (ship name): This route is operated by COSCO KAOHSIUNG, and the voyage from Qingdao to Los Angeles is 16 days. Although it takes two days longer than the route from Shanghai, it still maintains a relatively fast transportation speed.

Vessel advantages

Fast transportation: The voyage time of both routes is relatively short, ensuring that the goods can reach the destination quickly.

Stable shipping schedule: Fixed departure and arrival times provide customers with predictable transportation plans, which helps to deliver goods in time.

Extensive service network: COSCO Shipping Group's route network covers the world, providing customers with a variety of choices

How to Get a Quotation for COSCO Shipping from China to the USA

COSCO Shipping is a leading global shipping company that offers a wide range of services, including container shipping from China to the USA.

If you're planning to ship cargo from China to the USA with COSCO Shipping, here's a guide on how to get a quotation and book your shipment.

Getting a Quotation

Visit the COSCO Shipping Website: The easiest way to get a quotation is to visit the COSCO Shipping website ( and use their online quotation tool.

You can also call their customer service hotline at 4009-601919 for assistance.

Provide Shipment Details: When requesting a quotation, you will need to provide details about your shipment, including:
Origin port (e.g., Shanghai, China)
Destination port (e.g., New York, USA)
Cargo type (e.g., dry goods, refrigerated goods)
Cargo weight and volume
Estimated shipping date

Receive Quotation: Once you provide the required information, the system will generate a preliminary freight quote. If you have a contract rate, ensure you provide the relevant contract information to receive the discounted price.

Booking Your Container

Create an Account: If you're a new user, you will need to create an account on the COSCO Shipping website. This will allow you to save your shipment details and track your cargo.

Submit Booking Request: Once you have an account, you can submit an online booking request. This involves providing more detailed information about your shipment, including: Cargo details (e.g., commodity name, packaging type, hazardous goods declaration)

Shipper and consignee contact information Review and Confirm Booking: COSCO Shipping will review your booking request and provide you with a final quotation, including the shipping schedule and any additional costs. Once you confirm the booking, you may be required to provide additional documentation, such as a commercial invoice, packing list, and cargo description.

Sign Contract and Make Payment: Upon confirmation, you may need to sign a shipping contract or service agreement and make the required payment for booking or deposit. The payment method and terms will follow COSCO Shipping's specific requirements.

Working with COSCO shipping freight forwarder

For a more personalized experience, you can choose to work with a COSCO Shipping agent in China or the USA. These agents can provide one-on-one assistance throughout the process, including booking, documentation, and cargo tracking.

Advantages of COSCO Shipping China to USA

COSCO Shipping is a leading global shipping company that offers a wide range of services, including container shipping from China to the USA.

With its extensive network, efficient service system, and commitment to safety and reliability, COSCO Shipping stands out as a preferred choice for shippers across various industries.

Extensive Network Coverage

COSCO Shipping provides multiple direct routes covering the US East Coast, West Coast, and South America, including the East Coast Route, West Coast Route, and the US-China Route.

Additionally, specialized express routes like the Los Angeles Express are available to cater to diverse customer needs and ensure cargo reaches its destination swiftly and directly.

Efficient Service System

By optimizing route planning, enhancing port call efficiency, and increasing capacity allocation to key ports like those in the US Southwest, COSCO Shipping has achieved economies of scale. This translates to reduced transit times and costs, leading to improved overall transportation efficiency.

Safety and Reliability

As a renowned international shipping company, COSCO Shipping has established a strong reputation for cargo safety and transportation reliability.

Its standardized customs clearance procedures and professional cargo management practices ensure the security of goods throughout the transit process, minimizing the risk of loss or damage.

One-Stop Service and Simplified Procedures

COSCO Shipping offers a comprehensive one-stop service, encompassing everything from booking to customs clearance and cargo tracking.

This significantly simplifies the export process for shippers.

Customers only need to provide basic cargo information and packing list invoices, while the rest of the intricate procedures are handled by a team of experts.

Advanced Information Technology Support

COSCO Shipping leverages advanced information technology, including online booking systems and cargo tracking platforms, to empower customers with real-time cargo status updates.

This enhances supply chain transparency and responsiveness.

Flexible Transportation Solutions

To address the specific needs of its diverse clientele, COSCO Shipping provides customized transportation solutions, including but not limited to special cargo transportation and reefer services.

This flexibility ensures that customers have access to tailored solutions that align with their unique requirements.

Robust Logistics Support Resources

COSCO Shipping's extensive logistics network and warehousing resources in the USA and globally enable them to offer door-to-door comprehensive logistics solutions to their customers, further enhancing the value of their services.

With its commitment to providing a seamless and reliable shipping experience, COSCO Shipping stands as a trusted partner for businesses seeking to transport their goods from China to the USA.

cosco shipping container from China to the usa