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How Long to shipping China To US

Shipping from China to US takes a long time, but it is possible. There are a lot of factors that are included in this regard, however, it is easy to shipping Chinato US. It depends that which medium you are using like, are you sailing from sea or you are shipping by air or DHL. All of these services and mediums are equally important, here we are going to discuss that why it takes time when shipping from China to US.

Time taken by the shipping Chinato US

When making it simple I select to use the port of Xiamen, China, and this is a huge port with a container terminal. With the speed of 12 knots I moved from China to US. There were three arrival points in my way and they were, Seattle, Oakland and Houston. Seattle is the closest port and is also famous one. Houston is the closest port after passing the Panama Canal. To reach to Seattle it takes 19 days and for reaching Oakland it takes 20 days. As well as for Houston it takes 37 days to reach. The container ships can go to Oakland and Seattle. The route of the Panama Canal is good for 12 knots and it is a reasonable approach. The transit can easily be approached to 12 knots. If there are some other ports, you can avail them for making your route. These are some of the routes through which your shipping from China to US can be made easy and short.

Reasons for the delay in shipping in US

US market does a lot of shipping and it takes a long time when we consider US a pretty large country. The second reason that why does shipping in the US take so long is that the market is divided according to time and you want a return for it and someone goes to pay for it, usually the customer does. Like this the parcel package can be air shipped. Within the ground shipping, it depends on how you are going to ship, the prices vary according to Feeders and De-feeders. The cheapest parcels take so many long and it takes days to reach to its destiny. However, shipping from China to US is fluent and everyone does.

Ways of Shipping from China to US

There are 3 ways by which shipping from China to USA occur. These are courier service, air freight and sea shipping.

On the whole the shipping from China to US is a safe method and it is advisable that you adapt the above ways if you want to ship your parcels from China to US. These services are secure; some have very nominal charges. Avail these services,but try to avoid the reasons because of which shipping gets late.