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When you want world airport code look up first put airport full name such as ""Los Angeles", or 3 letter airport codes such as "LAX" world airport codes, or the country name "US" over. You can get the details about this world airport details, such as belong which country.

This system update from International Air Transport Association (IATA) 2013. Covering more than 10,000 cities world airport informations. Which marked with "NEW" is new customs world airport. This is the most authoritative 3 letter airport codes query tools(本系统根据国际航空运输协会(IATA)2013年最新资料更新,涵盖了全球一百多个国家和地区一万多个城市的机场信息。标注有“NEW”为新增的海关机场(Customs Airport),是目前国际上最权威的空运三字代码查询工具是)

if you want trcking your air shipments, please go to air cargo tracking system, and than choose air line, put into your air bill number.

You can choose 3 letter airport codes, city name, country or some part of name put into over. Such as you wany check "washington dc airport codes", and you can't remember full name of washinton, you can only put into" washington" or "DC". than you can get all airport informations about wasington USA. Actual you can use 3 letter code"WAS" get information also.

Notes: some have "customs world airport" which is international world airport, International world air cargo transportation by airlines to here can finish customs clearance, import air shipments from other countries.

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