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How to buy something from 168.com small overseas business

Buying something from 1688 for small business overseas is a little bit difficult for overseas people to compare buy from Alibaba and Alіеxрrеѕѕ due to it is in China and mainly focus on China small business market. Besides, overseas people has payment and shipping issues on 1688 although it has more goods and lower price compared to other B2B websites in China.

How to buy something from 1688 for small overseas business

Although mentioned small overseas business may have language, payment and shipping issues. You can find a 1688 agent to help you buy from 1688 to get rid of those issues. The 1688.com agent service include:

Sourcing service. They can help you find the source of goods on 1688 based on your goods keywords.

QC service. Not all the goods from 1688 in good quality condition. The 1688 agent could help you check goods quantity and quality by taking photos to help you avoid money loss.

Labeling and branding. Agent could help private label seller exchange labels and brand packaging for better brands awareness.

Consolidating shipping. It is the best way to save cost for goods shipping from China if you have multiple vendor on 1688.

Customs clearance. The agent service could help prepare invoice as well as packing list to help you customs clearance fast to avoid potential trouble.

You can basically purchase almost anything in 1688.com as it offers very wide selections and categories of products. However, when you are buying from overseas, There may be certain shipping restrictions which cannot be shipped like liquid, cream, powder, chemicals, strong magnets, pure batteries, knives, weapons, etc.

Moreover, 1688.com is designed for Chinese buyers, thus the website is 100% . You may use Google Chrome as your browser to find its built-іn translation feature, which can translate the whole web page to English or your preferred language. By doing that,you can search for products and read product details, specifications and reviews.

However, most 1688 sellers can’t speak in English, can’t ship international and only accept Chinese internal payments. These should not stop you from growing your business.

1688.com buying agent

Here’s what Tаоbао page, your buying agent from China, can do for you:

You will avail all these services for a very reasonable rate of 5% on top of your product cost. Order with us now and let us know, your 1688 Agent, optimize your shipping experience. You may follow this link. How does 1688.com work to learn more about how Tаоbао works.

You can ask 1688 buying agent to buy something for you. Though it needs a little extra service fee, and it will save you a lot of time such as Tаоbао 1688 buying agent. 1688 is a little different with Tаobао. It is a Complete market which has already done well in payment support, you can pay via international credit card. Good buyer protection - you can return or exchange almost all the products after you buy high developed market - Most seller are very professional on online selling, providing good service in buying 1688 is not as good as Taobao for the above points. But it has a important point: Wholesale - Which means cheap in bulk buying from factories that can be found there.

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