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Global Sea Freight Services From China

Most of the business owners prefer sea freight for bulky or large size shipment. The key reason behind choosing sea freight services is to cut the shipping cost. You have to be more careful when you are importing goods from another country so that you can get the best service in affordable price. GoodHope Freight is a renowned freight forwarding company in Shenzhen, China. It offers a variety of routes for the shipment of goods from china such as via ocean freight, air, train or road. Sea freight services of this company are mostly adopted by the customers due to their cost-effective prices. Since the incorporation of us, there has been a considerable increase in their sea freight services.

Sea freight shipping is one of the international transport ways,

Global Sea Freight Services By GoodHope Freight

Shipping of Goods Anywhere in the World by ocean shipping

Freight containers are well aware with the fact that world has become a global village and businesses must engage in the export or import of goods for expanding their business. Competitive sea freight services are offered by this company so that customers can save their money on shipment. You can ship your goods use our ocean shipping services anywhere in the world. GoodHope provides sea freight services from china to UK, Singapore, Canada, USA, Malaysia, Russia, Australia, Dubai and many other countries. No matter whether you want the imported goods in an industrial city or island, this company will give you the best services.

Keeping Good Relationship with Customers

The company gives priority to its customers and tries to build good relationship with them. GoodHope Freight believes in “customer is the king of market” slogan. Their customers belong to different countries and they always choose their freight forwarding services when shipping goods from China. Agents of this company are also available in different countries for providing hassle-free sea freight services. Their customers have never faced any shipping by sea problem at the Chinese port. Providing the reliable and secure freight services is the key objective of us.

Their container sea ship services includes:

FCL Sea Freight Services

FCL stands for Full Container Load. This full container shipping service is usually selected for worldwide sea freight. Basically there are 2 types of shipping containers.

Majority of the shipping containers are normal and they include 20FT (20GP), 40HC (40HQ) and 40FT (40GP). 40HQ is rarely utilized in sea freight services. Besides these 4 containers, all other types are included under the category of special shipping container. Within China, GoodHope Freight has established good relationships with the local shipping companies. The best sea freight companies are hired for this purpose such as APL, OOCL, COSCO(new company full name is "China COSCO Shipping Corporation Limited"), MSK, CSCL etc. During public holidays, shipping container spaces become limited and the shipping companies only book those spaces to their close partners such as GoodHope Freight. So, you don’t have to worry about shipping container spaces even if you are boking your shipment during holidays.

Key Features of FCL Sea Freight Services

  • Door to door services
  • Cargo insurance
  • Port to port services
  • Routings are available in different countries around the world
  • Choice of ocean shipping routings and carriers
  • Multimodal services
  • Container Tracking
  • Sea Freight Calculator

FCL sea freight Rates

Container ship by sea freight, the container freight rates from port of China update weekly by container shipping company. Keep in touch with they get the best international container shipping rates for your containers.

Some international shipping lines if you are looking for good sea freight rates, the best way is use freight forwarder.

LCL Sea Freight Services

LCL stands for Less than Container Load as the shipment is less than the container load. Examples of LCL include cargos ranges between 1cbm and 8cbm. These types of shipments are first gathered in warehouse and then they are loaded in the container. After that, the containers are moved towards the destination point where they are unloaded by carrier.

Key Features of LCL

Port to port services

Port to port services of GoodHope Company is operating from one seaport to another. All you have to do is to deliver your things at the receiving centers. Shipping companies will process and load them into the container. FOB Shipping way with your factories the sea freight is the port to port services. For This way you need one local Chinese freight forwarder booking the container from container shipping companies which have services in China. Such as China COSCO Shipping Corporation Limited

Door to door services

If you want the delivery of goods at your door steps, then this service is ideal for you. With GoodHope Freight Company, customers have the choice to book either FCL or LCL. If you want to import huge quantity of goods, then Full Container Load is perfect for you. However, if the size of your shipment is not large then you should go for Less than Container Load. It’s up to you which of these sea freight services you want to select for the shipment of your goods. GoodHope Freight has well-experienced, professional and qualified staff who work hard to fulfil customers’ needs.

International Full Container Shipping services is one of the part sea freight services. Over 80% cargo shipped by containers.

Less than container load is one of the part of container shipping. Too many packages use thise services are save a lot of cost.

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