sea freight rates

Sea Freight Rates

When shipping cargo over long distances, a consignee has many options to choose from. An individual can opt to use air transport, road transport or rail transport. Settling on a option is greatly determined by how the sender derives satisfaction from that service. When sending goods over long distances, especially from one country to another, or from one continent to another, the best option would be sea transport. The goods can be sent unaccompanied and they will be delivered safe and sound, together with their friendly sea freight rates The rates are normally determined based on many different factors that include the following;

First and foremost, the distance needs being considered. Consignments that need to be sent over very long distances, especially from one continent to another will have higher rates. Goods destined over short distances like from one neighboring country to another will have much cheaper sea freight rates. Long distances will mean that the transport company needs consuming more fuel and their staffs will work for longer periods. This therefore calls for higher sea freight rates as compared to cargo destined for shorter distances. Distance therefore becomes a major determining factor when charging sea freight rates.

Although sea transport is meant to transport goods that are very heavy, the weight goes up to some limit. Any consignment that exceeds the maximum allowed will have additional fees included in the sea transport rates. Very heavy consignments like crude oil and machinery have their special sea freight rates which are based on a certain scale. Additional fees therefore apply to consignments that are in excess of the set weigh limit. However small the cargo might be, the weight is of much more importance as the ship cannot exceed some certain tonnage.

Furthermore, the nature of the goods to be transported also helps determine the sea freight rates. Perishable goods are not included in this category as the ship cannot travel at very fast speeds like air cargo services. Goods that require special services like refrigeration while still in transit will call for additional fees to be included in rates. Though other goods are not necessarily perishable, they need to be kept under refrigeration for them to remain fresh. A good example is some medicines that need relatively lower temperatures. Furthermore, goods that are risky to transport also have their special rates. Things like explosives need special arrangements for them to be transported safely to their destination and this calls for additional fees to the sea freight rates.

In addition, the value that the consignee derives from using sea transport is also taken in to consideration. If the sender is reaping maximum profits from using the service, the sea freight rates will be a little higher. This mainly deals with high value items like jewelry and other precious stones. Such goods require tight security around them as they are prone to being stolen. This means that the freight company must employ additional security to take care of them hence the higher sea freight rates.

Sea Freight Rates From China To Baltic/Black

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FI Shenzhen/Hongkong/Shanghai/Ningbo FO Baltic Sea , VALIDITY from 4th,Sep to 19th,Sep 2017
Tallinn USD775/1300/1300
RIGA USD825/1400/1400
KLAIPEDA USD850/1450/1450
The rates above need to add LSS USD65/T
RATE: USD1050/1600/1600

Update date:17/9/6