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UPS Express China Agent And Services From China

In the present global economy, no nation represents a greater opportunity than China. As the world's greatest exporter and second-biggest merchant, China is modernizing quickly. UPS is one of the world's biggest international express companies. They know how to ship the intricate details of getting your items to clients outside China since they have been operating there for over 23 years. With more than 215 working offices, and more than 190 flights every week, UPS express conveys beyond packages. They satisfy the majority of your worldwide logistics needs. UPS Express China provides the same good international drop services, fast to your door.

Small shipment shipped by UPS Express China

Being a UPS express China agent who helps source items from China, Goodhope Freight regularly deliver huge clients' cargoes by full containers. For some other new clients who are happy with the value we quote, as they don't have much experience in importing goods from China, they generally get confounded by the different delivery methods. Some of them consider to send by UPS express China in the first place, yet the cost is significantly higher than they expect even with shipping little amount of items. Some simply need to send 2CBM load via ocean cargo since it is the least expensive way, however they tend to find out that the entire import and export process is very complicated and costly at last.

In the event that you operate a small company and usually import considerably less than container load items at once, or you just began your business of importing from China, this article can give you some valuable proposals about shipping and delivery, by breaking down various types of circumstances you may keep running into. For delivery under 200KG basic items, there's no preferred choice to send by global UPS express China. On the off chance that you can't afford the cost of the express fee, at that point you can purchase more items and ship together via ocean cargo, or you simply quit attempting and keep purchasing from local suppliers in your country. Actually there are many products needed shipping by UPS express, because the door to door cost is less more than than by international air cargo. Such as by UPS air cargo to the US airport the air freight cost RMB 26/KG, and by UPS express China to the USA door the cost is RMB31/KG, including customs clear fee and delivery charges which to you door.


UPS Express China for high-value items

Global UPS express China is reasonable for high-value items or items which should be conveyed to certain places in time, for example, fashion items including and clothing, electronics, or jewelries. There is one imperative thing you should remember when utilizing worldwide express service for your shipping solutions - they calculate the bulky freight by dimension weight (length x width x height/5000). If you ship 300 mugs to Canada by UPS express, the weight is 300g/mug, yet the dimension weight is 400g/mug, at that point UPS will charge by 400g/mug, so it will take a considerable amount on express fees.

UPS Express China International rates

UPS express China rates include

  • The first 0.5kg: 200RMB ($32); the second 0.5kg, 28RMB ($4.5)
  • Above 21kg, the price is: 47RMB/KG ($7.5/kg)
  • Above 51kg, the price is: 45RMB/KG ($7.2/kg)
  • Above 101kg, the price is: 43RMB/KG ($6.8/kg)

Nonetheless, huge quantity buyers sometimes lean toward universal UPS express China than general air cargo since it normally have freight promotion price which is considerably less expensive in the event that you have substantial cargo that is more than 1,000 Kg. The cost is not vastly different from regular air cargo service, but rather it is much more comfortable than the latter. For example, Chinese Amazon suppliers regularly use UPS when they have FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) products. 1,000 Kg cargo only costs around $2.8/Kg to the USA. Also, items can arrive in 6-7 days.

UUPS express China is known for fast delivery, particularly parcel shipping from China to United States just takes 48 hours. Its networks reach more than 180 nations and areas around the globe, cargo tracking data on site is refreshed rapidly, and delivery issues can be sorted on time. UPS express has special discount for cargo weight more than 21 kg in many areas which is cheaper than its rivals in the business.

UPS Express advantage Lines From China

Here are the UPS express advantage Lines from China, the express price per kg is lower than other international express company. Clearance customs and local delivery services is better.


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