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Shipping from all seaports of China to the world by FCL & LCL sea freight.

You can get the best air freight from Shenzhen / Shanghai Guangzhou / Kongkong to the airports of US

As FedEx UPS DHL TNT express agent, we provide the lower drop shipping price from China to the U.S.A

sea freight China

100% reliable

We take out time to understand your business goals and serve you efficiently. Goodhope offers 100% reliable partnership to every partner.

World-class services

For Goodhope, every client is important for us. Irrespective of your business size or shipment size, we have all that is required to go well beyond your expectations.

Stress-free shipping

You can trust Goodhope Freight to deliver goods and services safely to your preferred location in a timely and cost-efficient manner because we understand the importance of every shipments.

Shipping To US Services

what we can provide international Shipping services between China and U.S.A

full container shipping

Sea Freight

Sea freight from Yiantian / Skekou / Guangzhou / Xiamen / Ningbo / Qingdao / Tianjin by FCL or LCL container shipping to the LOS ANGELES / OAKLAND / SEATTLE/ MIAMI / CHICAGO / NEW YORK / NEW JERSEY

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air freight to usa

Air Freight

International air freight services from China(SZX / HKG / CAN / SHA / PVG) to LAX/ WAS / IAD / ATL / AUS / CHI/ORD / DFW / MIA / SFO / SEA by a lot of airlines companies, providing competitive air freight to U.S.A

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fedex ups dhl to usa

International Express

As Hong Kong DHL FedEx UPS TNT the big freight forwarder in China. There are a lot of international express ways for you choose, our account discount price lower more 81% than your account!

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shipping to usa amazon

Send Products To Amazon FBA

Shipping your products by sea by air by DHL FedEx UPS from China to the Fulfillment by Amazon which in the USA. DDU or DDP.

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Additional Services

More services let you have more time and focus on your business resulting in greater success.

pick up from China

Pick UP Air Cargo

consolidation shipment

Consolidated Cargo

customs clear China

Customs clearance

cargo insureance

Cargo insurance

export documents

Ready Documents

repacking cargo

Repacking Cargo

Customer Evaluation

Some clients use shipping from China to US services

Our company imported water cup from Wenzhou, China, under the water cup with sealed cooling liquid, and the way of trade with the work sign is FOB Shanghai. An average of 8 cubic meters of 3500 kg of goods was sent each time to Alexandria International Airport. We use Goodhope Freight international freight forwarders from China to the United States for more than 3 years now, the peak season ensure their position, and the off-season provides us with low freight transportation! Their service is really good! American international air transport is the first choice for Goodhope Freight!

As Amazon sellers, using Goodhope delivery our products to US FBA services, my goods from multiple suppliers in China. Repackaging, stickers SUK and product labels, prepare export and import customs declaration documents. Different products exports to the United States needed different documents, and they carefully asked us to remind them before shipment is ready, to avoid a lot of problems that may be encountered in the United States Customs clearance. They offer several American FBA shipping channels and specialties, helping our business sell bigger and bigger!

I own an international express account for nearly 5 years, always cooperate with Goodhope Freight. They use Hongkong DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT for our American business customers to provide door-to-door international courier service, express channel stability, reasonable cost. Their own direct open express account is simple and convenient to use, we have more time to do our main business, develop more the United States outdoor market. With them, you can be rest assured of the goods! Trustworthy international freight forwarding company!

Our company buy from Taobao then shipping by sea from China to the U.S.A. Goodhope is the best Taobao forwarder whom we used. Door to door, DDU services from Shenzhen their warehouse to my door in Charleston,Sc. I like their Taobao charges because it is low and ready all documents, AMS, ISF import bond. Let our business simple, saving our a lot of time, trusted shipping partner, international freight forwarder who know very well how to ship to USA, how to export China.

International Shipping to USA Service

If you are eager to set up your business, passing your vacations or planning to go overseas, the best option is an international shipping to USA. We have a global network and we operate a lot of bases in the US and we can manage wherever you want to go.

We can arrange to go overseas and the over sized cargo can be easily shipped by us. No matter, how much heavier is the equipment and the machinery, we can manage to ship all your items. We can also move the tractor, trailers, dump trucks, agriculture and industrial equipment The charges are very nominal and the weekly service provides you the opportunity to with having the reasonable transit. We can pick up your shipment and can deliver it to the nearest terminal so that it would become easy for you to collect your items. There is a particular transit time in this regard.

International Shipping to the USA

There are companies provided you more facilities and can make your journey the most appreciable one for you. These companies provide you the shipping insurances, tax refunds and the international money transfers. These companies treat your luggage safely and securely and return them to you whether it’s just a suitcase or it’s the baggage of your whole items of your house. They ensure you that all these items would ship carefully and shipping to US is possible with very low rates. Such companies are ready to take you by sea or air and they have experience of shipping to US for two decades and they have acquired appraisals from everyone.

Providing fast shipping from china to USA services for your packages.

How Long to shipping from ChinaTo US? Here are given you some suggestions for different shipping ways correspond to different transport time.

Global Air freight from China to USA choose which freight forwarder who can allow pay after shipments arrive US airport.

Are you looking for cheap courier to USA from Guangzhou Shangdong China? When you contact with DHL FedEx UPS express get the cost, you find that it is very expensive. Are there any cheaper way use courier to USA? Yes, we can provide the same services by DHL FedEx UPS, but cheaper a lot of price!

Between China and USA there are a lot of vessel weekly from main ports of China, Sea freight from China to USA are different every week also.

The cheapest way to send parcel from China to USA

Door to Door to USA inquiry

Door to Door by ocean from China to USA

I'd like to know how much it will cost for door to door(from my warehouse in Guangzhou China to Paramount, California) all inclusive(custom clearance inclusive) delivery by ocean. What I want to send is 300 PCS of canvas backpack and volume would be 1.3 CBM. Thanks for your prompt quotation and kind regards,

Contents: printed cards (stationery) for gifts weight: 8lbs 11x17" padded envelope Beijing, China - to - West Palm Beach, Florida, USA Door to Door DHL or FEDEX

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