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Shipping from China to the United States - Company Business

When doing business in the United States or selling products on an American e-commerce website, the source of the goods comes from China, both the export and import companies are companies, and the documents for customs declaration and clearance are complete.

Then you need this complete and professional "How to Ship from China to the United States for Companies" guide!

International logistics experts provide you with all-round knowledge, including: international shipping, air freight, international express delivery, customs declaration, container trailers, warehouses and warehousing, etc.

Sea Freight

Sea freight shipping from China to the USA

Full container shippinig

Full container shipping

Shipping companies

Hede Shipping Services Launches Fast China-US Express Route

Medite Shipping company Service Guide from China to the U.S.A

ZIM integrated services shipping from China to the usa

Maersk Shipping Services from China to USA: A Comprehensive Guide for Importers and Exporters

Evergreen Marine Shipping Company China to USA Ocean Freight Service Guide

China ocean shipping company (COSCO) services between China and U.S.A

container terminal

General cargo

Special container

Dangerous cargo Container shipping

refrigeration cargo

Chemicals cargo

Chemicals cargo including:Batteries, liquids, powders, paste products,

Cross-Border Shipping Solution: China - U.S.A - Mexico

Door to Door container shipping services

FCL Sea Freight

LCL sea freight

departure warehouse

destination warehouse

LCL Sea Freight

Air Cargo

Cargo airlilnes between China and USA

International cargo airports

Urgent Air Freight (1-3 days)

Fast & Affordable Air Freight (5-10 days)

Economical Air Freight (10+ days)

Big shipment (100cbm+)

DG air Cargo

Oversized packages

Chemicals (liquid, powder, Reagents,etc.)

medical instruments,

flowers, plants, saplings

International Express

DHL express

UPS exprss

FedEx express

Express express

China post

Customs declaration

China Customs Export Declaration

U.S. Customs Import Clearance

import bond



HS code

anti-dumping products

Container trailers

China local container trailer service

USA local container trailer service

warhouse and warehousing

warehouse for loading container

warehouse for air cargo

Warehousing for e-commerce seller

Amazon FBA, independent website seller,

How to choose professional freight forwarding company

How to save shipping cost ?

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