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How Long DHL China To USA

china dhl delay

Commercialization of the information age, time is money

For good international freight forwarding services, besides having good price, also needing real transport time.

Some customers maybe will complain that why my shipments have been took so long time by China DHL China to USA? What’s the problem with my shipments? Is it my suppler do not ask China DHL go to pick up?

Let me show your shipments which are sent by China DHL taking how long time in each process(notes: Sending by DHL most of times use DHL agent services and price, it doesn’t use China DHL direct in China.):

Goodhope freight is one of China DHL shipping agent. Using our DHL account services it will take about 3-5days from our Shenzhen warehouse to US, it takes more 1day than you use China DHL services.

There are some main reasons for DHL delay your shipment from China to U.S.A:

A, Chinese holidays is coming, at most of this time, there will be a lot of courier shipments being sent by China DHL courier. But DHL doesn’t have enough transport capacity to arrange all these shipments in one day. So some courier shipments will be delayed.

B,Customs clearance both in China and US. The details description of goods are wrong; the value of goods are lower than actual value; goods are copy...