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China DHL Courier Shipping Rates Remarks

china dhl rates price notes

China DHL rates/price notes

1.Cargo need be delivered to Goodhope's Shenzhen warehouse..

2.Freight rate often changes, when you want to book space, please confirm with Goodhope sales again.

3.When you plan to deliver shipments, please contact with Goodhope sales, he will give you documents which need be delivered to together with cargo to our warehouse.

4. Provide "Commercial Invoice(Weight, volume, size, cantons, value, HS Code). Or we do invoice by ourselves, if there are any problems cause of invoice, we won't assume liability and cost.

5. Over China DHL rates doesn't include destination duty, and doesn't accept any freight collect services.

6. Chargeable weight depends on cargo's actual weight and volumetric weight, Which is bigger,use which one(volumetric weight:L*W*H/5000=KGS).

7. Import duty is from destination paid by shipping, services charges is USD20/BL.

8. Destination is belong to DHL remote areas, there are remote charges. DHL remotes charges standard is USD0.49/KGS,at least USD24.3/Shipment, and this charges need being added fuel surcharges.

9. If one size is over 120CM or one packages is over 70KGS, need adding USD32.3/shipments, there is DHL fuel surcharges.

10. Iran, North Korea, Syria, Malaysia all packages and documents doesn't have services now.

11. Over services claims increased: use this rates if the cargo have been damaged or some of lost, delivery delays etc all doesn't have compensation. If all cargo lost, compensation depended on the invoice, but the highest charges is below USD100.

12. Over quotation is effective from 08:00 04/14/2019.

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