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2019 DHL Fuel Surcharge Update Month By Month

There will have update 2019 DHL express international fuel surcharge month by month, sometimes DHL global express fuel surcharge does not change from 01TH every month. So please keep in touch with DHL website or below update in time.

DHL express Fuel Surcharge February in China

DHL express Fuel Surcharge from 01TH FEB 2019 to 28TH FEB 2019 is 17.5%.

DHL Fuel Surcharge For September 2017

DHL fuel surcharge for September 2017 is:11.75%. more a litter than August.

DHL Fuel Surcharge For August 2017

DHL fuel surcharge for August 2017 is 10.75%.It is less 1% than July fuel surcharge. August is busy season for air express from China or from Hongkong city China. There are many shipments which shipped by DHL Express shipping from China to Amazon FBA. Electronic Commerce becomes more and more popular in the world.

DHL Fuel Surcharge July 2017 China

DHL fuel surcharge for July2017 is:11.75%. Less 1% than June fuel surcharge. If from China to US DHL price per kg cost USD3, 102KG general cargo. Total DHL cost will be:USD 3*1.1175*102 = USD 341.955. It is a little lower than shipping last month.

DHL International Fuel Surcharge June

DHL international fuel surcharge goes up a little more than last month which DHL international express shipped from China and Hongkong.

DHL international fuel surcharge from 16:PM 31TH May 2017 to 30TH June 2017 is:12.75%

DHL international fuel surcharge udpate date:2017-05-31

DHL Fuel Surcharge May 2017 which use from China

DHL fuel surcharge for May 2017 is:12%. Less 0.5% than April fuel surcharge.