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FedEx Express History

FedEx, founded on April 17th, 1973, is the largest express transportation company in the world, operating in more than 235 countries and regions to provide fast and reliable door-to-door courier service worldwide. FedEx is a international express delivery service with wide range and great ability of customs clearance. GoodHope Freight Forwarder is the Hong Kong FedEx express Level 1 Partner with low prices and fast services. FedEx has an extensive global air and ground network and usually require only 2 to 4 days delivery on time sensitive shipments. It is the best choice for your international express send your small packages from China.

About FedEx Express forwarder in China

As a main worldwide provider of express courier solutions, GoodHope Freight Forwarder provides our clients the most noteworthy standard global services from the world's best transporters like FedEx China express, yet with a much lower cost and a significantly simpler approach to do as such. We effectively stay up with the latest about shipment, and if there is a deferral, we will be there to help it and settle it. The whole transportation process will be monitored nonstop.

With FedEx express courier services, you get each parcel hand-conveyed anywhere on the planet within 8 days. Time cost and cash cost are the two fundamental concerns when you settle on a choice in global trade business. FedEx express' system combined with our huge discount, will be more less stressful for you to organize shipments transportation whether the point of delivery is found anywhere of the world's 210+ nations and regions.

FedEx express price charges from Hongkong to the world

FedEx express price charges from Hongkong to the world Hong Kong FedEx volumetric weight calculation formula: Length (cm) X width (cm) X height (cm) / 5000. Cargo will be billed on volumetric weight or actual weight depending on which is the greater of the two. To check the latest Hong Kong EMS rates to your country, please use the quote tool on our homepage at :

Our website only provide the general freight of the Hong Kong FedEx, not including the surcharges.

Comparing to FEDEX, great discount will be given by HONG KONG FEDEX.

The price on the our website does not include the remote area surcharge, fuel surcharge,and other surcharges.

FedEx Express Discount Rates From Shenzhen
Destination country
25-44KG 45-70KG 71-101KG 102-299KG 300-499KG 500-999KG 1000KG+ price validity
FedEx Express
FedEx IE FedEx IE FedEx IE FedEx IE FedEx IE FedEx IE FedEx IE FedEx IE
(Only delivery to
  the New Delhi city)
19.3  18.0  16.7  15.4  14.0  12.7  12.4  from 01TH September
  2017 to 
28TH SEP 2017
  (Only delivery 
to the Dubai city)
21.4  20.0  18.6  17.4  16.2  14.6  13.7 
Western United States Doesn' t 
has services
Doesn' t
  has services
Doesn' t 
has services
24.2 23.6 23.3 23.2
Eastern United States Doesn' t 
has services
Doesn' t 
has services
Doesn' t
  has services
27.1 26.0 25.1 24.8
Canada, Mexico Doesn' t
  has services
Doesn' t
  has services
Doesn' t 
has services
27.5 26.9 25.8 25.5
Denmark, Spain,
  Belgium, Luxemburg,
  Holland, Switzerland, 
Italy, France,
  Germany, Great Britain, 
Austria, Ireland
25.7 24.3 22.5 21.3 21.1 20.5 20.2
Poland, Czech, Hungary below 101 Kg doesn't has services 23.2 22.9 22.3 22.2

For other FedEx discount rates welcome contact with us

Especially we need introduct our FedEx express services shipping to the USA. FedEx China to US cost have competitive

Many buyer would feel that universal delivery is a convoluted and costly undertaking before they come to us. This doesn't need to be the situation and you may very well be shocked at how simple it is using FedEx express global services courtesy of GoodHope Freight Forwarder. We work with FedEx Express, the world's most trusted courier, which means you can simply make sure that your documents, packages or samples are in great hands, regardless of how far around the globe they are travelling.

Meanwhile, we will help you to decrease the greatest risk by picking the most appropriate transportation channel for you. Even when your parcel will be deferred in local custom of origin country, we will help you to contact FedEx and take care of the issue for you. We'll continue following your shipment and keep you up-to-date till delivered. By gaining access and comprehension of your shipment, we can assist you to decrease costs, enhance service, limit delays, lessen perplexity and raise general performance.

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How long does FedEx take from China, different ways have different transit time by FedEx IP and FedEx IE.

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FedEx courier services from China have two ways, one is FedEx Priority(FedEX IP), the other is FedEx economy (FedEx IE). Fedex international priority vs economy what are the different between these two ways?

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FedEx international express services has custom services. You can contact with location FedEx by Email or by FedEx customs services number, general FedEx provide free 400 or 800 telephone number for their clients.