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FedEx IP IE International Express Rates Remarks

When you use our FedEx International Economy (FedEx IE) and FedEx international priority (FedEx IP ) rates from China to all over the world, here are some attentions. There are some extra fee or something we cannot accept to ship.

  • 1.The above price does not include FedEx fuel surcharges and local costs, the monthly fuel charges to the website to publish the latest information or the amount of wood product divided by 5000CM. The volumetric weight is / 5000.
  • 2.Waybill should be clear. Please specify FedEx in time otherwise there will be FedEx express announced price billing and will export the original invoice.
  • 3.Correct and reasonable declaration of goods is required. If there is delay because of low report or the lack of conformity of the situation. Company is not accountable. Declaration of unreasonable will blacklist the carrier. The goods will be returned with the consequences and cost and all this will be bear by the sender .
  • 4.We do not accept the pure battery, the matching or any built-in battery without proper information. If there is any, please complete the battery data and paste the battery label. Also mention the battery category, model and the WH value on the waybill.
  • 5.This channel does not accept a single piece of weight over 68KG, unilateral ultra 274CM, cargo single pieces of the specification of 1 long +2 wide +2 tall in 330CM. If the FedEx received more than such goods the price of this service will be announced to the sender according to the FedEx fee.
  • 6.The address of the remote area is required to additional fees and three months effective notice. The standard fee is 4RMB/kg and the minimum charge is of 195RMB. Remote charges needs to add the monthly fuel surcharge.
  • 7.The invoice value of the goods in excess (of a certain amount) the declaration amount charged will contain additional production of Hong Kong's export declaration fees. The charging standard is, when the declared value of more than 10000USD, each ticket to be added to 100RMB, the declared value of increase of 5000USD, it'll add 20RMB. If there is more than 10,000 USD but less than 5000USD, it'll be in parts by 20RMB, such as declaration value 12600USD, you will add a 120RMB Hong Kong customs declaration fee.
  • 8.This channel accepts Hong Kong delivery, and the general trade declaration.
  • 9. Shenzhen, the single time: Monday to Friday 2 o'clock in the afternoon. Saturday timing : 9 o'clock in the morning. Goods are only received on Sunday, nothing is shipped.
  • 10.According to international practice , the destination tariff is to be paid by the recipient. If the recipient refuses to pay, it will be added directly and unconditionally to the sender's payment. If the sender chooses the tariff prepaid, the tariff amount is based on the FedEx bill. Please write the following words on the list and waybill "Tariff Prepaid" or "Tariff Third Party Payment".
  • 11. With the 7 years effective notice, his channel operates goods in accordance with the local customs, fines or other customs costs.
  • 12. FedEx does not compensate channel delays. The actual loss and damage of goods is done in accordance with the declaration value of goods invoices. But compensation for the maximum of not more than 100USD is done. There is no compensation done for shipping costs, not to bear joint losses. If the breakage, part of the damage, loss or part of the loss happened due to their own inadequate packaging, there is no compensation. Claim period: From the date of receipt of the goods, claim can be made within 14 days. If the feedback is made after this time, company will not make any compensation. FedEx doesn’t provide FedEx insurance, the sender can purchase insurance on his own. Insurance can also be bought for goods commissioned by our company.
  • 13. In the waybill, the invoice should be marked with the name of the valid Hong Kong merchandise code (8-bit). Each invoice should be written, and it is better to write Customs Code as "HS code" clearly. If all this information will not be in accordance with the requirements of the operation, this can result in a delay, or it will be your responsibility.
  • 14.EU countries requires all members stated to acquire an EORI number. It is written preferably in the vicinity of the address, and must have a prefix "EORI:" (EU specific countries see our website announced)
  • 15.Countries need to provide the tax number (Argentina, Italy, Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Chile and Brazil) Their invoice must have a tax number, the tax number is also best in the vicinity of the collection address, and write a prefix, such as "CNPJ:", "CPF:", "VAT:", "TAX number" and so on
  • 16. Before the offer is void, it is recommended to avail the price effective from 14:00 September 6, 2017 onwards.
  • 17. Fees for tariff prepaid and third-party payment of customs is 115rmb/tickets and change in the respective address will cost 95RMB/ticket.
  • 18. In the United States or Canada delivery to private residential area will be charged with a fee of 28RMB /tickets while the oversized residential delivery fee is 860RMB/tickets. The expense on a month's fuel will be added in this fee.
  • 19.FedEx Telecommunications license fee for the first 10KG is 10RMB and with an edition of every 1 kg, there will be extra charges of 1.5RMB.