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Hong Kong FedEx Shipping Instructions

Hong Kong FedEx shipping instructions apply to FedEx IP and FedEx IE, as well as the corresponding special preferential price shipping mode of Hong Kong FedEx.

  • 1、The above price does not include fuel surcharges and some local expenses. The monthly fuel charges are subject to the latest information published on the website, volume divided by 5000cm;
  • 2.Please indicate the code of corresponding FedEx shipping mode in the loading list and waybill: FEDI FEDE, otherwise, it will be charged according to the published FedEx price; 3、It is necessary to declare the goods correctly and reasonably. Our company will not be responsible for the delay caused by the underreporting or inconsistent declaration. The unreasonable declaration will be blacklisted by the carrier, and the consequences and expenses caused by the return of the goods will be borne by the sender;
  • 4、For supporting and built-in batteries, please make battery data and label by yourself, and indicate battery type, model and WH value on the waybill; do not receive battery-only goods.
  • 5、For the time being, this channel will not accept single goods with weight over 68kg, length of a single side over 274cm, and single goods with specification of 1 length + 2 width + 2 height over 330cm. If FedEx receives such goods, it will charge according to the published price of this service, and our company will charge the sender according to the charging standard of FedEx;
  • 6、

    If the receiving address is in a remote area, a surcharge shall be charged, and the notice shall be effective within three months. The charging standard is 4.2 RMB / kg, and the minimum charge is 200 RMB / set.

    The remote fee shall be multiplied by fuel surcharge of that month. Please check the remote area by yourself. Our company shall check the remote area according to the service provider's bill (no remote area bill is provided), and it shall be effective within six months

  • 7、When the declared value on the invoice of the goods exceeds a certain amount, there will be an additional Hong Kong export declaration fee. The charging standard is: when the declared value exceeds 10000USD, 100RMB will be charged for each set, and 20RMB will be charged for every 5000USD declared value (5000USD will be charged for less than 5000USD).
  • 8、This shipping mode accepts Hong Kong delivery and general trade declaration. The default is Shenzhen delivery. Delivery in Shanghai, Zhengzhou, Guangzhou, Foshan, Huizhou and other regions requires additional domestic logistics fees and regular export declaration and tax refund
  • 9、Statement time in Shenzhen: 2:00 p.m. from Monday to Friday, 9:00 a.m. on Saturday, only receiving goods on Sunday, no shipping
  • 10、The destination tariff shall be paid by the addressee according to international practice. If the addressee refuses to pay, it will be directly transferred to the sender for payment. If the sender chooses to prepay the tariff, the amount of tariff shall be subject to the FedEx Bill
  • 11,

    There is no compensation for the delay of this shipping mode. The lost and damaged goods shall be compensated according to the declared value of the delivery invoice, but the maximum compensation shall not exceed 100USD, the freight shall not be compensated, and joint losses shall not be borne.

    If the loss is caused by improper packaging, our company will not compensate. This shipping mode does not provide FedEx insurance for the time being. The sender can purchase insurance by himself,or entrust our company to buy other insurance for the goods;

  • 12、Please indicate the commodity code on the waybill and invoice, otherwise it will be deemed to accept our operation opinions and any problem will be borne by your company without further notice
  • 13、Document shipping service only from Spanish to Melilla and Centa, no package service.

Hong Kong FedEx Surcharge

The additional charges in Hong Kong FedEx shipping instructions are more important. You can't only look at FedEx freight list. For oversized goods and delivery in remote areas, you also should pay attention to other additional charges.

  • 1. Remote area surcharge: 4.2 RMB / kg, minimum charge: 200 RMB / set, and multiplied by fuel charge of the current month.
  • 2. Fee for private residence delivery: 30RMB / set, and multiplied by fuel charge of the current month.
  • 3. The extra charge for delivery in residential areas is RMB 931 per set. (additional fuel surcharge is required);
  • 4. address change fee: 100RMB / set.
  • 5. A surcharge of 130RMB / set for delivery on Saturday, and multiplied by fuel charge of the current month.
  • 6. Prepaid tariff service charge: 50 RMB / set + 5% tariff amount
  • 7、

    Hong Kong customs declaration fee: when the declared value of the goods invoice exceeds a certain amount, there will be an additional Hong Kong export customs declaration fee.

    The charging standard is: when the declared value exceeds 10000USD, 100 RMB will be charged for each invoice, For every 5000USD added to the declared value, an additional 20RMB will be charged. For the part exceeding 10000 USD but less than 50000USD, an additional 20RMB will be charged. For example, for the declared value of 12600USD, an additional 120RMB Hong Kong declaration fee will be charged.

  • 8. For single piece exceeding 68kg or single side exceeding 274cm or girth exceeding 330cm, extra delivery fee of 0.5RMB/kg shall be charged, with a minimum charge of RMB550;
  • 9. FedEx mobile license fee: 40 RMB for the first 10 kg, continued 1.5 RMB / kg
  • 10. Dangerous goods with limited loading location: 989 yuan per set or 17.4 yuan per kilogram, and multiplied by fuel charge of the current month, whichever is higher.
  • 11. Dangerous goods without limited loading location: 7RMB / kg, with a minimum charge of 490RMB per set, and multiplied by fuel charge of the current month.
  • 12. Dry ice surcharge: 43 yuan per set
  • 13. Additional fee for designated Customs clearance agent: 86 yuan per set or 9.4 yuan per kilogram, whichever is higher (additional fuel surcharge is required)
  • 14. When IPF / IEF super heavy packages require "no stacking", a surcharge of 1415 yuan per set will be charged for non-stacking goods;
  • 15. Hong Kong FedEx notice: as long as the goods are finally cleared by non-FedEx agent, FedEx will charge the consignor the service fee of the designated Customs clearance agent, the charging standard is: 9.8rmb/kg * fuel charge, the minimum consumption is 90rmb / set * fuel charge. After receiving the FedEx bill, you will be charged this fee directly!

Other Shipping Tips

Other special reminders of Hong Kong FedEx shipping instructions are mainly about customs laws and regulations of different countries of destination.

  •  1. Restoration of documents and package services to Norway, packages require proof of payment.
  • 2. All metal materials shall be delivered with detailed material information, such as iron. It can't be declared as metal in general,
  • 3.According to Italian customs requirements, private parcels exported to Italy need to provide the recipient's fiscal code tax number on the invoice and waybill, as well as the copy of the recipient's ID card.
  • 4. The goods to the UK can be shipped normally without proof of payment.
  • 5. After receiving the notice from Hong Kong FedEx, if the service needs to be changed from IE economical service to IP standard service, the sender shall pay an additional handling fee of 1000RMB / ticket in addition to the freight difference. No matter the sender or the recipient proposes to change the service, our company will directly charge the sender for the expenses incurred.
  • 6. The Peruvian customs requires that the original commercial invoice shall be provided with the goods regardless of the value of the goods imported to the local place, and the invoice shall offer the details of the name, material, value and quantity of the goods in English.
  • 7. This shipping mode offer the non-electrified fingertip gyroscope delivery service, but a charge of 1.5rmb/kg is required (our company can't conduct 100% effective inspection on all goods and check the intellectual property rights of products, etc., please check on your own. If there are problems, such as return of fingertip gyroscope, customs confiscations, fines, etc., and the extra expenses incurred, our company will not be responsible, and the sender shall bear the responsibility).

Shipping Instructions Update Date: December 10, 2024 , Shenzhen, China