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FedEx International Priority vs Economy

fedex express ip vs ie

FedEx Service is divided into FedEx International Priority service and FedEx International Economy service. Let’s have a close look at FedEx International Priority vs Economy / FedEx IP services VS FedEx IE express services from China.

FedEx IP refers to FedEx International Priority Freight service. This service is relatively faster than the International economy in terms of timeliness. But its prices are also higher than the International economy service.

FedEx IE refers to FedEx International Economy services. As mentioned above, this service is slower, meaning that it consumes more time in delivery than FedEx IP. But the benefit here is the price. FedEx International Economy offers cheapest prices. If you can be patient and can wait for your delivery, then this one is the best option. So in the comparison of FedEx International Priority vs Economy, the time and price are different.

FedEx IP is faster than FedEx International Economy

prices are higher: FedEx International Priority prices are relatively higher than FedEx International Economy, such as from Shenzhen to the United States. If its weight is more than 21Kh, the FedEx IP will have charge 10 RMB per kg more than FedEx IE. And if it is Off-season then on the transport of more than 100KH of goods from Guangzhou to Europe through FedEx IP will charge 15 RMB more than FedEx IE. But, FedEx IP prices do not change overall throughout the year, however, the prices of FedEx IE often rise and fall.

Priority Delivery: FedEx IP Services have the right to priority delivery. In the same circumstances like both IP and IE flights are to be loaded at the same time, IP goods will have priority loading meaning IP goods will be loaded first. And similarly IP goods will be delivered first. In the case of the both IP and IE goods entering the FedEx Transit warehouse at the same time. FedEx courier will prioritize the delivery of FedEx IP Services, meaning IP goods will be unloaded and delivered first. If there are limited flights available for delivery, then flights for IP services will be arranged first. But, if there are enough flights, then both IE and IP services will be arranged at the same time.

FedEx International Priority and Economy Services from China

FedEx International Express ships mainly from China's local international freight forwarders. Because their company does not have enough branches and manpower to collect money and China is too big and has high costs. Therefore, they use the local international freight forwarding company to help collect goods. FedEx offers a favorable account number to these companies. At the same time companies can offer two channels, such as FedEx IP and FedEx, for the prices and services to factories or foreign buyers. When the logistics season or Chinese holiday (China's National Day, Chinese New Year) arrive.

The volume of international packages will suddenly increase a lot, because FedEx IE channel price is cheaper than FedEx IP channel price, a large number of customers will choose FedEx IE Channel Shipping. So at that time FedEx IE channel receives a lot of goods, but the problem comes, when shipping from FedEx to different international freight forwarding agent. As FedEx account for local delivery of the volume is fixed, for example, your company can only send the delivery of 1000KG a day through FedEx IE. But the other freight forwarding company can receive 5000KG of goods in one day, so how to send all 5000kg cargo. The only solution through FedEx IE is to send day by day, which will take 5 days for 5000kg.

FedEx International Priority and Economy now

FedEx International Priority and economy take how long time and cost how much "USD/kg" now?

in 2020 and 2021 FedEx international priority services from China to the USA Canada UK Germany France Italy Spain Japan India Australia Singapore...... take longer 3~5 than before. because there too much problem in the world. Global supply chain of the biggest problem.

FedEx International Priority and Economy current price now more than USD8/kg. sometime the fedex international priority cost more than USD15/kg,take longer time, delay aften!

FedEx International Priority vs Economy cost, it is the same now, doesnot have diferent these two way, maybe after 2022.06 will have different.

So if you ship international parcels with FedEx International Economy service, then this is also the main reason for the slow delivery. But of course, if you use FedEx IP then you can ship as much as you want in one day with swift delivery.