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Fedex Courier International Rates Charges Per KG

fedex international rates

FedEx international rates per kg needs the weight over 21KG, one shipment total volumetric weight and actual weight over 21KG can changes per KG.It is a big package shipment.

About get the FedEx international rates there two ways:
1. Contact with FedEx China or you local FedEx;;
2. Contact Container Chinese freight forwarder who have FedEx account..
The shipments shipped by FedEx courier from China, over 80% quantity of goods is through Chinese freight forwarder. Here is the FedEx international rates per Kg from forwarder's FedEx account. It is less a lot than you get the price directly from FedEx courier.

FedEx International Priority (FedEx IP) to USA

FedEx International Priority rates (FedEx IP) per KG from Shenzhen / Guangzhou / Shangtou / Shanghai / ..

     partition    /  Weight USA/RMB
21-44KG 34.0 
45-70KG 34.5 
71-99KG 34.5 
100-299KG 41.5 
 300-499KG 39.5 
 500-999KG 38.5 
1000KG+ 38.0 

FedEx International economy (FedEx IE) To Europe

Fedex international economy cost (FedEx IE) per Kg from our China warehouse to Western Europe contains: Ireland / Austria / Belgium / Denmark / Germany / France / Netherlands / Luxembourg / Monaco / Norway / Sweden / Switzerland / SanMarino / Spain / Canary Islands / Italy / United Kingdom

     partition    /  Weight M(Western Europe)/ RMB
21-44KG 30.4 
45-70KG 28.1 
71-99KG 28.0 
100-299KG 27.8 
 300-499KG 34.6 
 500-999KG 33.6 
Over 1000KG 32.9 

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