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FedEx international tracking why doesn’t work

fedex international tracking

If you are expecting a FedEx express package to be deliver to you or someone else, you should know there’s no a “precise” Delivery Date, they provide you an estimated one that works as a guide… Nevertheless, there is a way to track step by step your box or boxes. How? Using the FedEx international tracking number they provide you, it’s pretty easy!

FedEx international tracking is a very safe system, but what If during your tracking you realize there hasn’t been any shipment information updated for more than 24 hours?

Don’t Freak out! In FedEx express they update the information once they advance at each point of the journey, your cargo probably continuous to travel safely. However, if you want to make sure there’s not a problem, you can always communicate with the Customer Service clicking on www.fedex.com/cn/contact, they will help you all the way to calm your inquires.

Other scenario possible, if that when you ask about your shipment status they inform you there’s a delay in custom clearance, what should you do in that case?

FedEx International Tracking Doesn’t work seasons

First, understand there’re multiple reasons for the delay in customs clearance. This is not something as bad as it seems. You can learn more about the delays from the detailed tracking page, which usually explains why you couldn’t get your package on the expected time; in that page you will find recommended actions also.

And don’t make much trouble in your head, FedEx will always inform you what you need to know and if the sender or recipient is required receive additional information, they will contact them for sure.

For the time being, first please check with the shipper if the number is correct. If you are online shopping, some sellers are express partners, Hand has a list, first to the list, so that the order is in the delivery status, the actual delivery is not real, there is a delay, delivery is the courier door-to-door receipt, there will be delays, the site updates will be postponed, all kinds of unforeseen reasons, we only have to wait patiently.

For the time being, please check with the shipper if the number is correct. When you are online shopping, please note some sellers are express partners, but as FedEx makes a door- to-door courier the site updates could be postponed or could exist delays for all kinds of unforeseen reasons, we only have to wait patiently and take into account the following possibilities, there some reason for FedEx international tracking why doesn’t work:

  • The courier company has not taken the cargo yet because there's missing information about the shipment.
  • Courier will pick-up pieces soon, but waybill information has not been entered into the logistics tracking system.
  • Waybill information has been entered but the online information has not been updated.

If the FedEx international tracking doesn’t work also, Our advice is to look again tomorrow; the information may come out, if not:
1. Contact with shipper to confirm delivery;
2. Contact FedEx Express Company and confirm receipt.

Use FedEx international tracking services you can get FedEx take how long from China to US, to Europe.