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Hong Kong FedEx International Express Price List Notes and Additional Fees

Hong Kong FedEx International Express Price List Notes and Additional Fees is applicable to Hong Kong FedEx IP Priority Channel and Hong Kong FedEx IE Economy Channel.

FedEx Surcharge

The FedEx surcharge is based on the price of the Good Hope Freight Hong Kong FedEx. These surcharges are based on the fees of the Hong Kong FedEx.

FedEx Billing Method

The volume weight is divided by 5000CM, and (length * width * height) / 5000 = volume weight. The unit of measurement of the three side lengths is centimeter. If the size of the box is: 50*60*80CM, the volume weight of this box is: (50*60*80)/5000=48 kg.

The charged weight is according to the greater one between total volume weight of a set and the actual gross weight of the cargo.

Packaging Requirements

Export Customs Regulations

Accept the general trade export tax rebate declaration, the electronic customs declaration export port is: Shenzhen Airport

You only need to provide goods and commercial invoices, which is simple and convenient.

Customs Fee in Destination Country

The destination tariff is paid by the recipient according to international practice. If the recipient refuses to pay, it will be directly and unconditionally transferred to the sender. Our company will charge the consignor according to the FedEx account. If the consignee refuses to accept the tax, the customer is responsible for the delay or the jettison of the goods.

Please check with the consignee before shipment to see if there is import right, and inform the consignee this international express channel is DDU door-to- door service excluding tax.

The tariff, fines or other customs fees of this channel are valid within 7 years in local customs. Hong Kong FedEx may issue bills to us within 7 years, and we will also charge customers accordingly. Please strictly follow the local laws and regulations when delivering.

Providing tariff prepayment service, customers can confirm with us before shipment whether to choose “Tariff Prepayment”. The sender chooses tariff prepayment. The tariff amount is subject to the FedEx bill. Please write “Tariff Prepayment" or "Third Party Payment Tariff " at the same time on the list and the waybill.

FedEx International Express Export Document

"Packing List" and "Commercial Invoice"

Commercial invoices, in this channel, is delivered with the goods you provide, without the need to change invoices and title.

Commercial invoices need to be correctly and reasonably declared. If there are delays caused by underreporting or non-conformity, our company will not bear any responsibility; if the application is unreasonable, it will be blacklisted by the carrier and the goods will be returned. The consequences and costs are all borne by the sender;

Please indicate on the waybill and invoice the valid Hong Kong commodity code (8 digits) corresponding to the product name, and write on each invoice, and the customs code should be written next to the product name and indicate clearly "HS CODE". Failure to do so may result in customs clearance issues at the destination, delays in FedEx transit, etc.

There must be an EORI number on the non-private invoices of the EU countries. The EORI number is preferably near the address of the recipient, and must be prefixed with “EORI:” to avoid delays caused by re-confirmation (For EU countries, please visit our website)

For countries with a tax number (Argentina, Italy, Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Chile, Brazil), the tax number must be on the invoice, and is also preferably near the address of the recipient, with a prefix such as “CNPJ:” , "CPF:", "VAT:", "TAX NUMBER", etc.

The invoice must declare the material, use and HS code of cargo in detail. This set is not declared, please provide it, thank you! Note: If there are two or more materials, please indicate the respective percentage, such as 50% PLASTIC50% ALUMINUM, etc., otherwise it will be returned by the service provider (especially the large goods)

Transportable Product

The supporting and built-in battery products can be accepted, please prepare the battery information and paste the battery label before delivering, and indicate the battery type, model and WH value on the waybill;

Non-transportable Product

Goods that are prohibited by law, such as pure batteries and infringing products, are not accepted.For battery and mobile power products, you can choose other international express channels of our company

This channel does not accept the weight of single piece exceeding 68KG, side length exceeding 274CM, the size of the single piece of goods is 1 length + 2 width + 2 height,which is greater than 330CM. If the FedEx receives goods of this kind,it will be charged at the published price of this service. Our company will charge the sender according to the standard of FedEx ;

Compensation Provisions

The delay will not be compensated by this channel. The actual lost or damaged shipments are compensated according to the declared value of the invoice, but the maximum compensation is no more than 100 USD, with no compensation of freight, and we do not assume any responsibility for joint loss.

We will not compensate for any damage, partial damage, loss or partial loss caused by insufficient packaging. Claim period: Within 14 days from the date of receipt of the goods, if the deadline is exceeded, FedEx will not make any compensation, and our company will not handle it. This channel does not provide FedEx insurance for the time being. The sender can purchase insurance by itself or entrust us to purchase the insurance.

Delivery Process and Warehouse Address

Please indicate the FEDU channel on the delivery list, otherwise it will be charged at the FEDEX published price.

Delivery address 1: 1~2F, Building E, Huaide Innovation and Technology Park, No. 1 Xiashiwai Road, Fuyong Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen

Delivery address 2: Hong Kong, China

Shenzhen statement time: Monday to Thursday at 12 at noon, Friday at 8 pm, Sunday only receive but not deliver goods.