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Fedex Small Package International Fuel Surcharge 2017~2018

FedEx express Fuel surcharge 2018

Here are the FedEx international express fuel surcharge for exporting from China to all over the world month by month. Using for China mainland FedEx express and Hongkong FedEx express services

from 2018-05-16 16:00 ~ 2018-05-13, the FedEx express Fuel surcharge is 17.00%
FedEx express tracking website:
2018-05-07 by FedEx China agent - Goodhope Freight

FedEx Small Package International Fuel Surcharge 2017, below is FedEx fuel surcharge update depended on FedEx express published price which from Hongkong China FedEx express and mainland China FedEx global express services. Every month the FedEx fuel surcharge is different, please check below update. Any questions about FedEx fuel charge welcome to feel free contact with "Goodhope Freight" or visit FedEx website.

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