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FedEx China International express Services

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Facts about FedEx International

Founded: 1971 Founder: Frederick W. Smith

Type: Public

Industry: Courier

Headquarters: Memphis, Tennessee, U.S.

Area served: Worldwide

Products: Post-delivery, express mail, freight forwarding, third-party logistics

Number of employees: 400,000

Revenue: US$50.365 billion

FedEx China Development

FedEx is one of the foreign companies that saw China as a big market earlier than other companies. It entered China in 1984 nearly 20 years ago, and the impressive performance of FedEx has developed its market rapidly. FedEx China has turned the original two times a week flight in and out of China into 11 times a week. Which is the largest number of direct flights to China's International Express Company.

FedEx China has now developed to 220 cities of China. In 1999, FedEx China and Tianjin Daejeon Group in Beijing set up a joint venture in Daejeon-FedEx Co., Ltd. The cooperation between the two went smooth and further promoted the development of China's express business. FedEx Asia-Pacific Transshipment Center Phase I project started on January 16 in Guangzhou Huadou District Flower Dong Town Foundation and was put into operation in October 2008. FedEx is the first multinational freight giant to set up an intercontinental transshipment center in China. Which has given China $150 million in investment, 600,000 tons of cargo per year and a chance to take off at Baiyun Airport.

FedEx China on Domestic Level

In China's domestic express market, FedEx China prices do not rise and fall and thus lead to short-term losses. In 2007, FedEx China Domestic express business raised revenue of 135 million yuan, accounting for its 2008 financial year with the operating income of 2.075 billion U.S. dollars. That is why if FedEx faces large losses in China, it will not have a major effect on its corporate performance. It is one of the reasons why US headquarters of FedEx China agreed to go in the domestic market of China, which values market share and future growth space.

Another reason of FedEx involvement in the Domestic market of China is the cheap and hardworking labor of China. Which is 3-5 times cheaper than the labor found outside of China.

FedEx China on International Level

April 2002, FedEx China expanded the Philippine Subic B. Asia-Pacific Transshipment Center's main cargo classification facility. The new facility has the area of 140,000 square feet. Which is twice the size of the area of goods classification facilities. And the addition of a more advanced automation system can shorten the file classification time. This completely shows the FedEx’s continuous efforts to expand the Asian Network.

FedEx China can now provide 26 cargo freighters a week to China. With more than 10,000 employees in the Asia-Pacific region. Which are serving more than 30 countries and regions, providing unparalleled trans-Pacific air courier services in the industry. FedEx MD-11 and A310 wide-body fleet, have more than 400 cargo freighters available every week to Bangkok, Beijing, Cebu, Ho Chi Minh City, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Kaohsiung, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Osaka, Penang, Seoul, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Singapore, Subic B., Sydney, Taipei and Tokyo, as well as several major cities in Europe and America.

FedEx China Freight Forwarding Services

FedEx China Trade Networks Provide effective and cheap container shipping services which include:

  • Full-container-load (FCL): Complete container shipment.
  • Less-than-container-load (LCL): Economical shipping of cargo which is less than the standard container load.
  • Dry or liquid bulk shipments: Bulk shipping of cargo which like packages, agriculture, machinery or the liquid cargo like petroleum, LPG, Oil etc.
  • Full or partial vessel charters: Hiring of vessel or crew for a port-to-port voyage.
  • Refrigerated service: Shipping of cargo which needs extra care in terms of temperature.
  • Handling Heavy Shipments: On-board cranes handle and lift huge cargo from port to vessel and from vessel to port.

FedEx express China company also provides the facility of online tracking which provides a constant report of the location of your cargo. Besides that, the company also provides the customs broker and cargo insurance arrangements.

FedEx China Contacts

FedEx China international services telephone number:
800-988-1888. (Fixed-line telephon free calling in China)
400-886-1888 (Chinese Mobile phone free)

FedEx Beijing telephone number: 86-10-64648855

FedEx Wuhan telephone number: 86-27-85400200

FedEx Guanazhou Telephone number :86-20-83969866

FedEx China contacts you can get below services in China:
1. Pick your international packges, confirm what time does FedEx will arrive your office.
2. Get the FedEx international express price which from Chian to all over the world.
3. Confirm whether have services delivery to destination.
4.Tracking your FedEx shipments where and any problem status, and get the Proof of receipt