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Filing isf 10+2 forum

This form must be provided 72 hours prior to vessel departure at loading port. Delaying to provide required information may result in rejection of cargo loading on vessel, or up to $5000 penalty.

Importer Security Filing (10+2) Form

Filing ISF 10+2 form
* AMS SCAC & HBL#   * MBL #  
Loading Port   ETD  
Discharge Port   ETA  
Vessel   Voyage  
Goods Description   Piece Count  
Weight   Volume  
PO No.   Container No.  
* Seller:      
(Full name & address)    
* Buyer:      
(Full name & address)      
* Importer of Record Number:    
(US tax ID number - by importer)    
* Consignee Number:      
(US tax ID number - by importer)    
* Manufacturer (or Supplier):    
(Full name & address)      
* Ship To Party:      
(Full name & address)      
Country of Origin:      
* Commodity HTS Number:    
* Container Stuffing Location    
(Full name & address where goods are stuffed in container)    
* Consolidator:      
(Full name & address who stuffed the container or arranged for the stuffing)    

Why need filing ISF 10+2 to the United States of America:

After 911, America government to strengthen counter-terrorism, demand all cargo which sent by sea to us before loading on board needs filing ISF 10+2, or not allow to finish customs clearance into U.S.A.

What is relationship between ISF 10+ and bond?

ISF 10+2 information is all details over table. And bond is the companies which U.S.A has ISF import right. If he has right to do and he can filing ISF.

Who declare ISF to customs?

American legal regulations that only US freight forwarding company can declare ISF!

If i don't have bond right, can i import cargo from other countries?

Yes, you can, but you need buy one import bond to filing isf, which only can use once time. American company can easy buy one bond; person is not easy.

Can i import cargo from other countries, if I don't have bond right?

Yes, you can, but you need to buy one import bond to filing ISF, which only can uses once time. American company can be easy to buy one bond; personal is not easy.

Could I ask Chinese freight forwarding company do with ISF 10+2, if I import from China?

Yes, you can, most Chinese freight fowarding companies have agent in U.S.A. They will ask American freight agent help them do this job for you. Goodhope can do that also!

How much buy import bond and declare ISF 10+2?

1. you can buy one bond use one year, the cost about USD300/year; 2. buy only use one time the bond cost USD100. 3. Declare ISF 10+2 cost USD50/bill

ISF 10+2 bond note:

Filing ISF 10+2 success from China to U.S.A step by step

ISF finish! if declare defeat, check again over step and do it again until success.