Full container shipping

International Full Container Shipping Services From All Ports Of China

Full container shipping load is one of the most commonly used shipping method. People from different countries prefer to choose full container shipping services due to its several benefits such as affordable price, efficiency and minimum risk. FCL allows the customers to reserve entire container without sharing the space with others. For the ease of our clients, China Freight offers both less-than container load and full container shipping services. Now you can book an ISO-standard container for your freight.

China Freight provides the best full container shipping services via train and sea. Customers can avail FCL facility if they want to import goods from China. Presently, our train freight is available from China to Central Asia, Europe, and Russia. Customers can get more routes if they choose our sea freight services. Containers are available in various sizes such as 20 FT/GP, 40 FT/GP, 40 HC/HQ, 20 Open Top Container, 40 Open Top Container, 20 Flat Rack Container, and 40 Flat Rack Container. We also have several self-provided containers, TKRU, railway containers, RZDU, and TBJU. At China Freight, we can locate and book the container that best suits your cargo. It’s up to you which container you want to select for your full container shipping services.

In most of the cases, customers select full container shipping service when their cargo is enough to fill a complete shipping container. On the other hand, some individuals still choose it even if their cargo is not sufficient to fill up the container. There are several benefits of full container shipping services that is why people as well as companies prefer it over other shipping methods. With China Freight, you can get the following benefits if you book our full container load shipping service

Full container shipping only involves to one consignee and one carrier that is why the custom clearance is done quickly. Once the freight is processed, it is rapidly unloaded and transported towards the final destination.

Let China Freight serve you if you want to hire full container shipping services. Our company is fully-licensed and offers a broad range of logistics services. We have established contacts with all the major consolidators and shipping lines that allow us to offer competitive prices. China Freight is based in Shenzhen, China and it is the number 1 freight forwarding company of China.

Full Container Shipping Want to Choose Ocean Shipping Companies

When you use full container shipping - FCL services from ports of China to the Australia, choosing good services ocean shipping companies also is important for your shipments, some of ocean shipping companies are faster, some are good relationship with local port customs. Such from port of Yantian to Sydney uses COSCO shipping lines (China Shipping CSCL) is the fastest, only take 11 days directly and the vessel are steady and weekly.

Full Container Shipping Sea Freight Questions

As you know that when you use international full container shipping services, the container shipping costs is very important for your business. When busy season coming the sea freight shipping container freight rates from China to the South America rise a lot of, sometimes one 20Ft container freight rises over USD2000. But when in off-season the sea freight rates are declining so much also. So when you plan to import one container using sea freight shipping services, the freight containers affect whether you can win long business success.

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