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Aerolineas Argentinas Cargo

For the second largest country in South America, Argentina flourishes on the wake of its flag carrier, Aerolineas Argentinas Cargo The other name is AR air cargo. You can have your goods in many countries and cities of this continent with their reliable and cheap air freight services. Just name the international destination you have in mind, and before you know it, this airline will be at your beck and call.

Major Details About Aerolineas Argentinas Cargo

Aerolineas Argentinas Cargo was set up in 1949, and it commenced operations a year later. As a member of SkyTeam Alliance, the company is known to provide clients and business persons with passenger and air freight services that come with mind-blowing benefits. They travel to over 35 destinations within Argentina and over five hundred international destinations. What makes them more unique is their dual hub systems in Buenos Aires – Aeroparque Jorge Newbery (AEP) and Ministro Pistarini International Airport (EZE).

Their favorite destinations include San Francisco, Mexico, Honolulu, Washington DC, Chicago, London, and Toronto. Other international destinations include countries within the Caribbean, Asia and Europe. Operating a fleet of over 56 jets enables them to serve in the most secure and customer-friendly ways.

When it comes to delivering cargo to international routes, Aerolineas Argentinas Cargo is regarded as one of the safest airliners. Adhering to IATA rules holds so much significance with this airline, and they operate a service network that allows them partner with other airline companies to get your load to any destination in the world. They transport cargo, mail, parcels and other shipments that require special attention. Since 2013, they've belonged to the SkyTeam Cargo and are also part of the IATA Clearing House. If you seek to make some order arrangements, you can contact their offices, cargo agencies or general sales agents.

Aerolineas Argentinas Cargo Products

To reach over 545 destinations located in 127 countries or 864 cities in 174 countries, they have classified their services into four products. These include

Other services cater to live animals and pets such as dogs, cats, and birds. These also include special shipments for coffins, human remains, paintings and lithium batteries. It's fantastic that you can also use their online tracking option to stay aware of your delivery status.

Aerolineas Argentinas Cargo On the News Scene

Every airline looks for opportunities to advance its service networks to reach newer routes, more customers, make more profit and stay above the competitions. Earlier in July 2017, Aerolineas Argentinas cargo made some moves to expand its domestic capacity. Also, they've taken steps to grow their European operations, and one of these is their renewal of the widebody fleet services. All of these have been aimed at improving their international presence to serve more customers all over the world.

Air freight in China is continually scaling more heights, thanks to our partnership with Aerolineas Argentinas. When you think of air cargo with GoodHope Freight, think of this amazing airline to help you export your goods to cities within South America and beyond!

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