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Are you thinking of expanding your products and business towards more exciting and profitable markets? Then you need an airline that understands your dream and can help you achieve it. A world leading airline that you can trust with your cargo goal is Air Arabia cargo – an airline that's highly recognized as Skytrax World Airline Award Winners for the year 2015. You'll agree with us that such awards are earned with world-class service and operations. Read through our post to understand fully why North Africa and other major regions of the world choose them.

Vital Information About Air Arabia Cargo

The Middle East and North Africa are base areas for Air Arabia, as this airline is their most sought-after carrier. Air Arabia is the first and largest carrier in these regions, and they never cease to serve their clients with reliable, valuable and comfortable services. After being launched in 2003, they went on to establish their presence in the aviation industry by providing exciting flights and affordable fares.

More so, the airline operates from its headquarters at Sharjah International Airport, UAE, and has its other hubs at Mohamed V International Airport, Morocco, Queen Alia International Airport, Jordan, and Borg Al Arab International Airport, Alexandria in Egypt. All of these locations deliver commercial services that are within the reach and capability of customers. With Air Arabia, you get more opportunities to reach the world by paying less, and this is captured in their strong statement ‘Pay Less.

A minimum of 120 destinations in 38 countries in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and North Africa receive maximum satisfaction from the advanced passenger and cargo services delivered by this airline. Some of them include Amsterdam, Amman, Dubai, China, Cairo, Istanbul, and so on. Air Arabia fleet is made up of 44 Airbus A320 aircrafts, and these aircrafts make their travels easy and safe.

Air Arabia Cargo Services in the world

To help business individuals involved in shipping cargo, Air Arabia stays up-to-date with the latest and most innovative tools and practices. They continually upgrade their management systems to include offers that will be both suitable and beneficial to their clients. They work assiduously to become the first trendsetting airline in the air cargo industry. Also, they operate with the latest Cargo Flash system, and this enables them to rise above the competitive cargo market.

Below are the products that they ship:

The following products are restricted:

Let's take you through the cargo shipping procedure.

Air Arabia Cargo Tracking Status Codes

The following Air Arabia Cargo Tracking codes are legends to help you understand the progress of your consignment.

If you're out to enjoy a smooth transportation process, make your booking as early as possible before delivering your export. By taking the needful measures, the staff of Air Arabia can serve you optimally and attentively.

Trending News About Air Arabia cargo

In a bid to widen their international network in Africa, Air Arabia has included Hargeisa as one of their destinations. Also in July, Sohar has been made its third destination within Oman, and Sohar residents are delighted that Air Arabia made its first official international flight on 24th July, 2017. Doesn't this confirm to you their creativity and concern for improvement? Turkey will also be enjoying more of their passenger services six days of the week. You can learn a lot more by visiting their

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