Services provided by The Air Greenland Cargo

Air Greenland Cargo

The Air Greenland Cargo is also known as Greenland Air and is the special Airline of the Greenland. It was developed in 1960 and started its operations in 2002. It developed by the joint cooperation of the Greenland and Danish government. It is a large air line Cargo that is well established and has 32 aircraft, 1 airline and 9 fived-wings aircraft. The fixed winged aircraft are operated basically for the domestic needs. 22 helicopters have been available that provide facilities to the passengers living in domestic areas. Along with the scheduled running services and conducting government conducted flights to the villages the Airline conducts the flights to the stations located in remote places, and also provides the best facilities to the passengers and travelers.

Air Greenland Cargo Destinations

This Cargo and airline company operates not only within the Greenland but also flies off outside Greenland such as to Keflavik International Airport located in Iceland, Iqaluit Airport in Canada and Copenhagen Airport in Denmark. Using the Airbus A330, the Air Greenland is responsible for carrying the flights in Europe on the behalf of travel agencies of the Europe.

Air Greenland Cargo Interline Agreement with other Airlines

The Air Greenland Cargo has been linked with many other Airlines and has an agreement signed with them for the fast and effective deliverance of the Cargo to the destined destinations. The airlines to which the Cargo Company is linked includes

Air Greenland Cargo Services provided

Air Greenland Cargo Services provided The Company ensures the best the passengers are provided with the best possible facilities so that they can travel in a safe and comfortable environment. Also the proper handling of the Cargo is also ensured using this Airline Cargo. The economy and business class are provided with the best facilities including the nest meals, live screening, in seat power source and the complete selection of the newspaper.

Air Greenland Cargo services

The Greenpack is the service provided by the Greenland Air Cargo that conducts the Cargo facilities between Denmark and the Greenland. It is a high priority service and is maintained properly. The freight that has to be sent by this Greenpack must be prepared in advance to ensure the in time deliverance of the Cargo.

The Tauvi Express Cargo is another name given to the domestic express cargo of the Greenland. It is responsible for delivering the Cargo within the Greenland and ensures that the in time deliverance of the products to the village and distant places. The general destinations within the Greenland include Nuuk, Sisimiut, Assiaat, Kulusuk and many others.

Air Greenland Cargo Packaging of the products

To maintain the quality of the Cargo that is being transported using The Greenland Air Cargo is ensured by the effective packaging of the Cargo. Highly skilled and experienced workers are available for the packaging of the products and a standard criterion is set for all workers to check before starting the packaging of the products. Special refrigerators are present for the products that need to be stored under low-temperature conditions. Electronics are packed in their own original packing materials.

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