About Air Hong Kong Cargo (LD Air Cargo)

Air Hong Kong Cargo

The only air freight Airline based in Hong Kong is the Air Hong Kong cargo and is working dedicatedly to provide the Cargo services worldwide. It is regarded internationally as one of the leading Airline Cargo that serves across Bangkok, Manila, Beijing, Kansai, Shanghai, Penang, Taipei, Singapore and many others. It is the launch customer of the eight Airbus A300-600F fleet. It was developed in 196 and started its operations after two years that is in the year1988. It is responsible for conducting the business and transport not only in Hong Kong but also across the Asia. Through the Hong Kong hub, it provides the best Cargo facilities across different countries of Asia and its Hong Kong hub is regarded as one of the busiest hubs of the Asia as a lot of trade is conducted through it.

Air Hong Kong cargo Destinations

Using the Hong Kong hub it serves the major countries of the Asia such as Beijing, Seoul, Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taipei, Bangkok, Manila, Singapore, Penang, Ho Chi Minh City. The schedule of the flights can easily access online and online booking can be made easily.

Air Hong Kong cargo Charter Enquiry

The Intra-Asia charter Enquiry can be used using the Air Hong Kong Cargo. The inquiry can be easily and directly sent to the Cathay Pacific Local Cargo Office. This is the sales agent of the Air Hong Kong that is present worldwide. The inquiry is sent to the cargocharter@cathaypacific.com and its copy is forwarded to ahk.pln@airhongkong.com.hk. In order to get a quick response, the following requirements must be fulfilled which include the name of the company, the estimated date, the airport to airport sector, commodities, the estimated weight or volume and any requirement needed for the handling of the Cargo. Mostly the charter inquiry is responded within 2 working days.

Air Hong Kong cargo Highly motivated staff and career

The staff at the Air Hong Kong cargo is highly motivated, skilled and professional. They should have a good knowledge about the handling of the Cargo and in order to ensure the good company’s reputation, it is must to take care of the human resources and needs. By getting the basic 14 years education you apply for the job in the Hong Kong Airways. The best qualified and suitable candidates are selected for serving our highly prestigious passengers so that they can enjoy the flight easily and can interact with our highly motivated staff.

Air Hong Kong cargo Fleet

The fleet of the Air Hong Kong cargo consists of highly equipped and well-established aircraft. The total 13 aircraft are in service which includes Airbus A300-600F, Airbus A300-600RF, Boeing 747-400BCF. Out of them, 8 Airbus A300-600F are functional, 2 Airbus A300-600RF are providing the Cargo facilities and 3, Boeing 747-400BCF are functional thus making them all total 13. These Air Crafts have a huge capacity for carrying the Cargo products. Also, for the safe handling and packaging of the products special facilities are present such as the presence of special compartments for handling delicate equipment and fragile products. The retired Air Hong Kong fleet includes:
Boeing 707-320C
Boeing 747-100SF
Boeing 747-200F
Boeing 727-200F

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