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Air New Zealand Cargo

As a world-renowned airline, Air New Zealand Cargo demonstrates total devotion to service. With this group, your demands for Air Cargo shipment deals receive overflowing competence. What makes them deserve all these praises? We'll show you! Air New Zealand Cargo the other name is NZ cargo

The World's Safest Airline-NZ Cargo

Air passenger services and cargo deliveries have blossomed since the entrance of Air New Zealand Cargo in April 1940. Since their emergence on the transport scene as Tasman Empire Airways Limited, customers and business owners have enjoyed more peace of mind with moving goods around the world. They started out with flying boats until they enhanced their operations to spread across Australia, the Pacific, Asia, Europe, the UK and the United States.

Facts show that this flag carrier of New Zealand, with the headquarters in Auckland City, is present in over 19 countries all over the Pacific Rim. In 2014, JACDEC recognized Air New Zealand Cargo as the world's safest airline emphasizing the airline's mission to secure the lives of passengers and protect cargo. Isn't it impressive how they have 103 fleets with a minimum of 50 destinations? With the three airports that serve as their hub – Auckland Airport, Wellington International Airport and Christchurch International Airport, they serve clients across domestic and global networks.

Air New Zealand Cargo's Core Focus

Air New Zealand Cargo Group has always been interested in satisfying the transport needs of passengers and cargo. Their management team is enthusiastic about delivering super services that meet world standards. Putting customers first has never been a challenge for them, and since 2002, they've operated strategies that make fares cheaper, bookings easier and benefits better. With a variety of Airbus, Boeing 777-300 and Bombardier Q300 aircraft, your goods travel to Brazil, Canada, France, Japan, China, Hong Kong, the U.K., and the U.S. to mention a few. Another very outstanding plus is their competitive edge which makes them customers' choices regarding innovation and newer strategies.

First Class International Air Cargo Services

Without overstating, Air New Zealand Cargo exceeds the expectations of business people and the citizens of New Zealand and abroad. Both general and specialized cargoes are contained in favorable conditions and temperatures that maintain their original essence. Four available offers for your goods are:

Certain cargoes require special attention; so, for perishable, non-standard and excess baggage cargo, Air New Zealand Cargo has proper arrangements in place. Perishable cargoes like fresh food are stored in a freezer at the best temperature; dangerous cargoes such as valuables, dangerous chemicals, and human remains are handled specially. The international cargo also offers rates that manage oversized baggage which can be packed as freight.

New Developments in July 2017 Air New Zealand Cargo

At the start of the month, the airline’s mobile app helped to cut down on expired passport crisis which leads to stressful situations for passengers. Also, they assessed their performance in the last one year and discovered that they have satisfactorily served over 15 million clients. Auckland to Haneda is a new route that was newly created to provide increased ease of travel for Kiwis and Japanese travellers. Lastly, Air New Zealand Cargo proved its sponsorship support to the All Blacks by making apprentices available and making the game memorable.

For us at GoodHope Freight NZ cargo agent in China whom can provide booking collect packages services all over China, Air New Zealand Cargo always makes us proud, and we seek to make all our clients pleased with their highly-sought and award-winning air cargo services. Let's bring your dreams to business

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