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Asiana Airlines Cargo

For everyone thinking of safety regarding air cargo, you've got no better airline than Asiana Airlines Cargo. Your comfort and safety rank high on their list among other benefits. Won't you want to know more about this company that performs air transport with utmost responsibility and your satisfaction in mind?

What you Need to Know About Asiana Airlines Cargo

Right from February 19, 1988, Asiana Airlines Cargo Inc. has served Korea in Seoul. Located in Asiana Town, Osae-Dong, Kangseo-gu Seoul Korea, they operate in engineering and construction, electricity, logo products, tourism, air transport, and communication. With their fleet of 84 aircraft, they deliver carriage security service, instant delivery of cargo and an impressive network that cuts across the world. Regions of the world that enjoy their services include Europe, Russia, China, North America, Japan, Korea, Africa, Central and South America, Oceania and South-East Asia. And they deliver their cargo using their 747-400 and 767-300 freighters.

For a company that's a major airline in South Korea, their mission has ever been to serve a global class of customers. Within 1995 and 2014, they won several terrific prizes from IATA, BVQI, and others for excellent performance. Will it surprise you to know that Asiana Airlines Cargo impacts the society by creating more jobs and reaching even newer destinations, all in a bid to sustainably satisfy customers all over the globe? There's a lot more to them than you ever thought you knew.

Main Services and Benefits of Asiana Airlines Cargo

The four key services that this airline offers include:

Exciting News About Asiana Airlines Cargo

With professionalism and sincere interest to serve, Asiana Airlines Cargo serves the world and always keeps you updated about the recent development in their company. By October 2017, twice a week, the airline will operate its Airbus A321 aircraft from Seoul Incheon to Phu Quoc. There'll also be a Barcelona charter around this same time. Now, do you believe that you've found a service that can meet your air cargo needs completely?

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