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Centurion Air Cargo

Centurion Air Cargo is an American cargo airline based in Miami, United State where it effectively operates all-cargo services. Full name is Centurion Cargo, people like to use IATA code: "WE air cargo" ICAO: CWC

Centurion air cargo was established on 8th. November, 1985 under the name, Challenge Air Cargo INC. Following the takeover of the scheduled air cargo by United Parcel Service in July 1999, the cargo changed its name from Challenge Air Cargo INC. to Centurion Air Cargo and has since spread across the whole world, cutting across Korea, Vietnam, China, UAE, Israel, Slovakia, Estonia, Bulgaria, Romania, Sarajevo, Serbia, Croatia, Hungry, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Italy, Spain France, Ireland, UK to mention a few.

As a privately owned company, Centurion air cargo currently operates an impressive 550,000 square foot warehouse (51,097 square metres) for both Cooler and Dry Cargo Area.

Centurion air cargo operates to and from Latin America as one of the leading air freight airline. The air cargo is known for its special interest in handling of live animals, and perishable goods through a unit termed Cold Chain Centurion air cargo which provides a completely refrigerated chain thereby protecting all perishable products. Centurion air cargo tracking and booking services are accessible worldwide through their official website http://www.centurioncargo.com/en/index.php. This was created to allow customers efficiently tack and make bookings for their products easily.

The company has seven offices in United states including, Atlanta, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Houston and their headquarter which is located in Miami, United State; Administrative and Commercial Departments: 4500 NW 36th Street - Miami, FL 33166, Export Warehouse (All destinations): 4350 NW 36th Street - Miami, FL 33166, Import Warehouse: 4450 NW 36th Street - Miami, FL 33166 Telephone: (305) 871-0130
Fax: (305) 871-1894

In China, Centurion Air Cargo services and operations are fully effective in about ten cities. These cities address include,

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