air freight from china to usa time

How Long Air Freight from China to USA to Take

How Long Air Freight from China to USA to Take. China to the west coast of the United States involving a plane from Beijing or Shanghai to the west coast of the United States needs to navigate at least 13 hours, by United Airlines flight to Los Angeles or San Francisco airport, and flight time is 16 hours. For China International Airlines, the flight is 14 hours from Beijing or so.

Air Freight from China to USA Time

  • 1.The order is arranged for delivery: The time is usually a day because the time difference between the US and China is over 12 hours, so, after receiving the order, it is sent to the foreign order, and the response usually happens on the second day.
  • 2.Delivery time: 1-2 days in general, delivery time is in this time range, the specific time between the shipper and the United States Agency for communication. At the same time, you can see the distance between the shipper and the warehouse, for example in the United States near the western region of Los Angeles on the day of the general delivery if it is coming from the Los Angeles area,it may need about 1-2 days.
  • 3.Customs booking: Generally, in a day can be dealt well (generally in the delivery of AES will make the electronic declaration, so it is dealt with in the delivery time), the consignor needs to provide necessary information of invoice, packing list, trade contract. If the goods value is above 2500USD in the name of the company export and AES electronic declaration, if not the company, our export agents.
  • 4.International transport: about 1-3 days. According to different flights, the US air transportation to Hongkong is slightly different. The fastest time is about one day, and the slowest may take longer.
  • 5.Port clearance: takes 1-3 days, the general destination port can be sent out in 1 day.

The United States to China door to door transport delivery takes a total time of 4-8 days or more time.

International air transportation to Indianapolis time

One example for How Long Air Freight from China to USA to Take, there is one ticket for international air cargo, thermos bottles from Zhejiang province through the Japanese international air transport to the Indianapolis airport in the United States:

  • To bring the goods to transport Shanghai Pudong Airport, and arrange for the domestic logistics company to send the goods to Shanghai airport, it takes about 1 to 2 days.
  • It will take two days form Shanghai airport to Beijing airport, and it can also take only a day using airlift to Beijing airport.
  • It takes two hours for Beijing to use Japanese airlift to Tokyo airport in Japan
  • From Japan's Tokyo airport to Chicago (O'Hare Airport) needs a day.
  • Chicago (O'Hare) by truck to Indianapolis airport takes 1 to 2 days.

Japan Airlines from Wenzhou, China to the United States Indianapolis airport, involves a total international air time of about seven days. Relating to the destination airport, this is relatively slow in aviation. Indianapolis airport is located in the US inland point, where there is no direct flight, and can only be transported by truck, so it takes much time. So from Shanghai to IND Air Freight from China to USA Time take 5~8 days.

Shanghai has a direct flight to Los Angeles and California, in the United States. If it is a direct flight, it will be more than 10 hours.

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