The Polar Air Cargo service and its importance in linking trade between US and China

Polar Air Cargo

The full name of the polar air Cargo is Polar Air Cargo Inc (PO Cargo). This American Cargo Airline was established in America in June 2003. The main head quarters of this Airline Cargo are located in the state of New York in America and are responsible for operating the Air Cargo services in the Middle East, Asia, Europe and North America. The average Fleet size is 15 Aircrafts and has an average age of 12.6 years. The time and the schedule of the Cargo services are fully maintained so that the passengers are provided with best services

Polar Air Cargo History

This Polar Airline Cargo is the subsidiary of Atlas Air worldwide holdings and was established in 1993 due to the mutual cooperation of GE Capital Aviation Services (GECAS) and Southern Air Transport. The official operations of the company and charter flights started in the month of June of the year 1993.It has been licensed as supplemental Air Carrier twice in the year 1994 by FedEx Aviation Administration and the United States Department of Transportation. Different companies have tried to acquire the Polar Airline Cargo and in November 2001, it was acquired by Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings (AWWW) and till now it majorly owns the Polar Airline as 51 percent of it is under AWWW. DHL however, also holds the remaining share in the Airline Cargo. The polar Airline was provided with Boeing 747 Fighters by AWWW based on the leasing policy and is still majorly ruled out by this Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings.

Polar Air Cargo main routes services

This Airline operates successfully worldwide and is fully organized and managed at the time of the flights are properly coordinated at the airports and the Cargo of the passengers is transported safely. It provides different services such as

Value added services of Cargo management.

Polar plus trucking service which ensures the trucking services to other destinations.

Polar Priority Service provides the 100 percent guarantee for the transport of Cargo in time.

Polar X service in which it is ensured that the Cargo delivery is in time.

Exciting News About Asiana Airlines Cargo

Since 1995, the trade between America and China is becoming increasingly important and different Cargo Airlines are responsible for conducting this trade such as Polar Airline Cargo. The freighters are mainly responsible for the easy handling of the exports and imports and boosting up the economy of the fast leading countries such as China. The Cargo Service is preferred mostly for the transport of time sensitive products and on time delivery of the items. The annual growth rate of the trade between China and America is 18 percent which is expected to increase by 10 percent in the further coming years.

Polar air cargo hubs

The Airline has different hubs in different countries so that the Cargo services are managed properly and properly distributed in the country or city it is to be dispatched. The main hub of this airline is Anchorage International Airport whereas, it has different secondary hubs located at Cincinnati/ Northern Kentucky International Airport, John F. Kennedy International Airport and the Incheon International Airport located near Seoul in South Korea.

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