Royal Jordanian Airlines (RJ Cargo) Services In China

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Transporting your goods to different continents and countries depend greatly on the air cargo services that you employ. Getting your goods to other parts of the world requires partnering with a logistics expert that understands the value of clients' business and places flexibility and reliability above charges. These great qualities are what Royal Jordanian (RJ Cargo) Air Cargo offers you with their air cargo services, and you can rely on their speed and security to have your goods safely delivered from China to your expected destination(s). In the following lines, we'll tell you more about their operations, customer service and the latest news that you'll find interesting.

About RJ Cargo

Since 1963, this Arab airline has delivered impeccable global air services to myriads of countries, growing with technology and advancing from its small beginnings. Its primary aim was to connect Jordan to the world, and this mission has been achieved with its services reaching four continents including countries in the Middle East, Asia, Europe, and Africa. With several awards for excellent customer service, RJ Cargo is known to travel fifty-six destinations with its powerful fleets that keep your mind at rest that your goods are secure. Their services from Amman extend beyond customers' requests, and they continually increase their market to include newer destinations. In their location, they provide different areas for food stuff, dangerous items, human remains, valuables, seafood and other cargo.

RJ Cargo Services in China

Beyond their worldwide recognition, they diligently fulfill their mission by remaining cost-effective and easily reachable as a top-rated cargo transport system. If you're planning to export goods from China to countries all over the world, then you can count on them to deliver in less than 24 hours, unlike many ocean freight services. They transport every type of cargo that you may have in mind using their modern Airbus and Embraer commercial and Airbus A310 freighter aircraft. Some of their destinations include Paris, New York, Abu Dhabi, Istanbul, London, Baghdad and much more. Their services cover the following cargo:

Are you aware that you can also track your goods to trace how well and how far they have moved in the direction of your destination? RJ Air Cargo not only keeps you rest assured, but they also make it possible for you to include your air waybill figure and monitor the status of your shipments. They understand that your products are valuable and should be treated with utmost care and protection; hence, they carefully handle every item you include in your delivery, and they enable you to get feedback with the tracking information you'll be provided with.

RJ Cargo Customer Service

Another remarkable point about RJ Cargo is their impressive, professional and experienced staff who handle the processing and delivery of your goods at their hub at Queen Alia International Airport. Moving your goods from China to countries in Europe, North America, Asia, and Africa is never a problem for them because their combination of skilled human resources and working facilities guarantee you (being the customer) a fantastic experience.

In other news about Royal Jordanian, you'll be amazed to know that they uphold commitment and quality above anything else and their team of excellent staff understand their goal toward bringing to reality your supply chain demands. Earlier this year they launched the e-AWB system in partnership with the IT unit of the airline, in a bid to improve customers' accessibility to tracking systems.

RJ Cargo Contacts in China

For easy reach to Royal Jordanian in China, there's a provision of contact information to make your shipment easy. You can call their office in Amman on +962 (0) 6 479 3000 or the RJ Cargo Sales on +962 (0) 6 520 2961.
For Guangzhou, call +86 20 3839 2947 and for Shanghai, call +86 21 5306 6060.
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