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About Thai Airline Cargo Company and services

The Thai airline cargo is an advanced and well-modified Cargo service that ensures the proper quality of products and services provided to the people. It is established at the Suvarnabhumi Airport and helps in the boosting up of the economy of Thai. It ensures that the imports and exports of the country are progressing at a faster rate as it links with many countries such as North America, Europe, East Asia, Thailand and the Middle East. It has a vast storage room that ensures the quality of the temperature sensitive products. To prepare the fly documents and ensuring the proper scheduling of the Aircraft, It maintains the proper coordination with different agencies. When present at the airport it provides all the luggage details to the passengers and if any kind of luggage is missing it ensures its proper tracking.

What differentiates Thai Airways and Thai cargo

The THAI Air Cargo was established in December 2004 and it was due to the result of mutual cooperation between Commercial Transport International, Thai logistics firm, Australian Airlines Qantas or CTI Holdings. It was mainly responsible for the trading of goods in the markets of India, Europe, China, and Japan. The air cargo service is responsible for carrying a large amount of weight such as 95 percent. Whereas, the THAI Airlines were formed in 1988 and have their headquarters established in Bangkok. It has a fleet of over 90 aircraft and has 84 destinations that link 37 countries. It is regarded as one of the largest passenger carrying Airways in Europe. It enjoys the perk of being the first Asia-Pacific Airline that has been serving at the London Heathrow Airport.

Thai Airline Cargo (TH cargo)Fleet

This Airline Cargo has the facility to transport your Cargo wherever you want to send it and at any possible time. The Cargo fleet has a large capacity to accommodate the luggage and cargo of the passengers such as B747-400F has the capacity of 39 pallets and 2 containers whereas B777-300 has 8 pellets and 9 containers. Others include A380-800 having 1 container and 4 pallets, B777-200 consisting of 4 pallets and 9 containers, A330-300 with capacity depending upon 7 containers and 5 pallets and A350-900 consisting of 13 containers and 4 pallets. The fleets of the Singapore Airline Cargo have an average capacity of 9- 23 Cargo per plane and it also greatly depends on the type of Aircraft being used.

Facilities available at Thai Airlines

The THAI Airline service maintains a proper and comfortable environment for the passengers so that they can enjoy the long journey by enjoying different facilities and feeling comfortable. For business class travelers the royal exclusive and Orchid lounges are present at the Chiang Mai, Surat Thani, Phuket, Hat Yai, Khonkean and Krabi airports. Inside these lounges, a family room, free internet facility, towels, Slumber rooms and Buffet bars are present that offer a great variety of food for the passengers and providing a very comfortable environment. Special wheel chairs are available for disabled passengers so that they do not face any problem during traveling.

Thai Cargo, Thai Airways and Cargo tracking chorus

Whenever using Thai Airline Cargo or Thai Airline you can track back your Cargo. Also, you can track your cargo for any of the 186 airlines whenever possible to send your shipments to the other countries. It provides the e-Service in which the Airways Shipment can be tracked using a waybill document number also known as AWB. It always starts with a prefix of the airline ‘217' that is then followed by eight digit numbers. According to the requirements, the request is sent to the specific airline and whenever possible it is selected for carrying your Cargo. If you face any problem using the tracking service or its option is not available you can contact our friendly staff that is always ready to help out in every possible way.

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