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Some ways To Get COSCO Schedule From China

The biggest issue with people who have to deal with logistics for their products is that they are always worried about the schedule of the vessel carrying their shipment, and that puts a depressive effect on their mind which leads to poor task completing and managing, and people should be worried because vessel takes their valuable goods to another location and they don't even know the schedule of its departure or arrival. Instead of being kept in the dark people like to be aware of the whole situation and that is why China COSCO Shipping corporation limited has provided some ways for its users to keep tabs on the arrival or departure of their shipments by using COSCO Schedule.

There are some ways, through which one can get COSCO schedule from china, and to be honest these are very easy and simple, no rocket science is needed to understand these ways. So let's have a look at them:

Get COSCO Schedule From Ports Of China

This is the traditional and most commonly way to track your shipments. If someone does not know how to use internet, then it is okay too, because you can always visit the ports to get necessary information about your shipment's status: whether it is departed or arrived, but that's just a hypothetical way of , because in 21st century almost everyone knows how to use internet, so let's move to second method of knowing schedule of shipments.

Get COSCO Schedule from website of COSCO Shipping ltd

Now this way is the most easiest, convenient and time saving way to get to know the schedule of the vessel that is carrying your shipment, you just need to know one thing that is the name of the vessel carrying your shipment, and believe me that it is very easy task to know the name of that vessel. What you need to do is open the bill of landing and look for "Vessel name" there, it will be under " Ocean Vessel Voy. No." now there is one thing that you need to keep in mind and that is to copy just the "Vessel name" not the number besides it:

For example: You open bill of landing and found " ITAL CONTESSA 0329-077E" written beneath the Ocean Vessel Voy. No. So what you need to do is just copy the name of that vessel such as " ITAL CONTESSA" and leave the number besides it.

Once you have copied the vessel name, go to this website;

once the page is opened click on "Find Schedule by Vessel" button, it will be at the last of the bar under "sailing schedule". OK, Once opened paste the vessel name that you copied in the bar besides "Vessel Name" and then click search. That's it, a page will be opened containing the complete COSCO schedule of that vessel.

Contact with COSCO Sales Whom In China

There is another way to know that the COSCO schedule of your shipment just go to the "Contact us" page and either use the phone numbers provided there or fill out the form, write your message and send it to them. Link: