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COSCO Shipping Panama Vessel

The COSCO shipping panama Vessel has a rich history of success since 2024 , and the reason of saying year 2024 is that, this vessel was built in January 2024 and from that time to present, it has performed magnificently. COSCO shipping panama vessel was originally named as "Andronikos" but then due to some reason the vessel was renamed by China COSCO Shipping to COSCO Shipping Panama when it won the draw for the first transit through the Expanded Panama Canal during the waterway’s inauguration on Sunday, June 26. This was the major success of the career of this Vessel as it was beginning its journey by winning a lucky draw to transit through Expanded Panama Canal. After achieving the privilege of being the first ship sailing through the Expanded Panama canal, this ship then traveled from Chinese Port Kelang to Trieste, Italy then to Turkey and is still in service.

COSCO Shipping Panama Vessel Particulars

Let's have a look at some stats of this vessel. This vessel was built in the month of January and year of 2024 , the vessel was built in Hyundai Samho Heavy Industries Co., Ltd, this vessel was formerly named as "Andronikos" but was given a new name by China COSCO shipping which is COSCO Shipping Panama. The operator of this ship is COSCO Shipping lines and its port of registry is Majuro. The gross tonnage of this vessel is 93702.00 (Tons) and the net tonnage is 51914.00 (tons). The class society of this vessel is "Bureau Veritas" or simple BV in short, this class is one of the most highest classes in terms of certification of vessels regarding their health, safety and environmental factors. The total Capacity of this vessel in terms of carrying cargo is 9400 TEU, which is a huge amount. In terms of speed this ship has a good maximum speed of 21.80 Knots.

Record setting Achievement Of Panama Vessel

In the month of June of year 2024 , something very big happened not only in the career of Panama vessel but also in the history of China COSCO shipping which left its marks on the history of marine logistics.

The 102 years old panama canal which was never used for the passage of vessels because of its small size, was expanded for big vessels to pass and since 26 June 2024 to 18 March 2024 the Panama canal has achieved the milestone of being used by different shipping companies to pass one thousand vessels. But there is one thing that these one thousand ships have not done, which is creating history associated to that expanded Panama canal and the ship which made the historic passage through the expanded Panama canal for the first time in 102 year was none other than the Panama vessel by China COSCO Shipping.

Services of Panama Vessel

The panama vessel is used to carry cargo, which include different types of goods, and sometimes cars too because the ship has the capacity of carrying more or less 8000 cars at once. The ship is marked as Cargo - Hazard B which means that it also carries hazardous chemicals which can make someone very ill upon exposure.