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COSCO Shipping Tracking of Container

Nowadays it has become a necessity to keep track of your belongings, and when it comes to shipping then it is way more important to keep track of your containers, because when people do not get to know about the status of their shipments, they usually freak out and that is when it effects their day to day tasks, so in order to provide tracks of shipments of people, COSCO came up with the idea of COSCO shipping tracking. So in this way people can keep the track of their containers.

There are some ways through which one can get tracks of their containers in a very time saving way, and to be honest these ways are very easy and simple, and it is needed to understand these ways. So let's have a look at them:

COSCO Container Tracking from ports of China

The most traditional way tracking your shipments is to going to the port and ask for the track record, in this way you can get to know the track of your shipment and also you can ask some questions face to face from the managers regarding your shipments. But this is for the people who don't know how to use internet.

Get Container Tracking from website of COSCO

This is the most way to save time and easy way for people who want to keep track of their shipment 24/7. What you need to do is go to the official website of COSCO ltd;

and then click on "inquiry or subscription" button besides the button saying "home" a page will be opened and in that page there will be drop down menu besides search bar, you can click on that menu and select any one from these three options:

  • 1. Bill of landing
  • 2. Container number
  • 3. Booking number

after selecting one of them, open the bill of landing that was given to you by China COSCO shipping, and in there look for the number you selected in drop down menu, for example: if you selected "booking number" then it will be written to the right side of the bill.

Pasting that number in the search bar and click search, that's it, you will have an information box opened with all the details i-e schedule detail, carriage overview, current status etc.

COSCO shipping tracking

COSCO Container Tracking through E-mail

Now there are two ways to track your shipment through email:

  • 1. Send an email to with your container number written in the bill of landing, you can write up to 6 container numbers, separating them with commas.

    For example: "CBHU123456,CBHU654321,CBHU236541"

  • 2. Second way is to send an email to with your bill of landing number which can found the same bill of landing where your container numbers and booking numbers are written. but bear in mind unlike container number, you can only send one bill of landing number.

    For example: "12345678"

    COSCO shipping tracking